Friday Apr 24, 2009

Do you USTREAM? LDAP Revival at MySQL

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

Yesterday concluded the MySQL Conference for me.  It conincided with take your Daughter to Work day in the United States so I took my daughter to see a presentation about OpenLDAP and MySQL Cluster.  Howard Chu did a great job providing a technical overview of his use of LDAP to MySQL Cluster (content I wanted to hear)  and playing the violin during his presentation (providing content my daughter enjoyed).  

Yesterday, Ludo did a presentation for the Glassfish Aquarium project at Sun who use USTREAM to broadcast their content to anyone interested in engaging with the team via this medium.  The content is interesting and this is a better way to make presentations more engaging as not only do they provide the video feed but also a twitter mashup for interactive feedback from the audience.  If you agree and want to see additional innovators using the internet to engage with their community members in a more engaging way then you should check out Leo Laporte on  I have been following the work that Leo Laporte has been doing with FLOSS, MacBreakWeekly and SecurityNow where he is innovating how to provide video content via the web.  He has in effect created his own broadcasting company.  SecurityNow has done some recent podcasts on the conflicker worm and the recent cyberespionage that has been in the news which is interesting and informative.  

For those of you that missed Ludo's presentation on OpenDS.  Here is the video.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

MySQL and LDAP: Day 2 at MySQL Conference

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

Tuesday at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara was a lot of fun.  MySQL Cluster 7.0 announced their latest release of their high availability and scalable database architecture (read the release here).  The carrier grade version of the product will provide support for OpenDS LDAP to MySQL Cluster driver.  There were over a 100 people at Johan Andersson's presentation on using MySQL Cluster 7.0 presentation at 5:25 last night.  The team walked through high availability reference architectures and a high level overview of the LDAP to MySQL driver options.  It is powerful for companies that need a standardized way to integrate applications using LDAP and need transactional distributed data architecture for auditing or relational integrity. 

At 7:30pm we had a Birds-of-a-Feather session with about 15 people who wanted to go deep on a couple of different ways to integration LDAP to MySQL.  We talked about the value of virtual directories and the ability to connect to MySQL for authentication.  We see this a lot with mergers and acquisitions.  Additionally, we talked about building authentication and authorization routines for MySQL into LDAP.  Lastly, we went deep with the Alcatel Lucent team on some high availabity and LDAP to MySQL.  It was a great discussion.  Here are the slides.

Today,  Ludo and I will be back on at 5:25 for an overview of Integration options for MySQL into Identity Management.

If you want to meet Ping Luo (a technology manager on the OpenSSO team and the celebrity that helped launch the Ping Identity vs. Sun video funfest last year) come by our booth.  He will be in the Sun Identity Pod from 10-1:30pm today.  Here is the video and Ping's response.

The EPIC Response.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

OpenDS Blogger Review, OpenDS and OpenSolaris, and Election 2008

It has been a busy day.   I attended part of the OpenDS Community call.  It was a great call with insight into the upcoming inclusion of OpenDS in OpenSolarisOpenDS can be installed on OpenSolaris today but what is new is that it will be available in the new OpenSolaris application repository. I have blogged before on the importance of user experience in software. This is especially important for infrastructure sotware as it increases adoption, reduces training and maintenance costs and most importantly is "the right thing to do" when building product.  The inclusion of OpenDS in the OpenSolaris repository will improve the overall user experience of acquiring and using the software on this important platform for developers and enterprises.  Additionally, the team talked about the latest release and inclusion of the new console. 

In addition to all of the above, I came across the  following review by CS Connell who was comparing OpenDS to several other LDAP directory solutions.  Although his analysis is not comprehensive, the blog post does a nice job of illustrating his analysis of several different solutions against his business and technical requirements. Here are some of the highlights:

 "From an install standpoint, OpenDS seemed quite a bit easier to me, even though I had never seen it before."

"However, one feature that I very much liked (and we need) from OpenDS was virtual attributes, specifically isMemberOf. "

"In the end though, I just felt OpenDS was easier, and would certainly be more straightforward for someone without much backround in the technology .. and it had the nifty isMemberOf attribute we wanted"

He also posts some initial performance testing results.  Although, I can't confirm or properly comment on his results I will leave conclusions up to you.  We will be posting some testing results of our own on OpenDS shortly to give you some additional information.  

And, I had the privalege of voting.


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