Friday Apr 24, 2009

Do you USTREAM? LDAP Revival at MySQL

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

Yesterday concluded the MySQL Conference for me.  It conincided with take your Daughter to Work day in the United States so I took my daughter to see a presentation about OpenLDAP and MySQL Cluster.  Howard Chu did a great job providing a technical overview of his use of LDAP to MySQL Cluster (content I wanted to hear)  and playing the violin during his presentation (providing content my daughter enjoyed).  

Yesterday, Ludo did a presentation for the Glassfish Aquarium project at Sun who use USTREAM to broadcast their content to anyone interested in engaging with the team via this medium.  The content is interesting and this is a better way to make presentations more engaging as not only do they provide the video feed but also a twitter mashup for interactive feedback from the audience.  If you agree and want to see additional innovators using the internet to engage with their community members in a more engaging way then you should check out Leo Laporte on  I have been following the work that Leo Laporte has been doing with FLOSS, MacBreakWeekly and SecurityNow where he is innovating how to provide video content via the web.  He has in effect created his own broadcasting company.  SecurityNow has done some recent podcasts on the conflicker worm and the recent cyberespionage that has been in the news which is interesting and informative.  

For those of you that missed Ludo's presentation on OpenDS.  Here is the video.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

MySQL and LDAP: Day 2 at MySQL Conference

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

Tuesday at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara was a lot of fun.  MySQL Cluster 7.0 announced their latest release of their high availability and scalable database architecture (read the release here).  The carrier grade version of the product will provide support for OpenDS LDAP to MySQL Cluster driver.  There were over a 100 people at Johan Andersson's presentation on using MySQL Cluster 7.0 presentation at 5:25 last night.  The team walked through high availability reference architectures and a high level overview of the LDAP to MySQL driver options.  It is powerful for companies that need a standardized way to integrate applications using LDAP and need transactional distributed data architecture for auditing or relational integrity. 

At 7:30pm we had a Birds-of-a-Feather session with about 15 people who wanted to go deep on a couple of different ways to integration LDAP to MySQL.  We talked about the value of virtual directories and the ability to connect to MySQL for authentication.  We see this a lot with mergers and acquisitions.  Additionally, we talked about building authentication and authorization routines for MySQL into LDAP.  Lastly, we went deep with the Alcatel Lucent team on some high availabity and LDAP to MySQL.  It was a great discussion.  Here are the slides.

Today,  Ludo and I will be back on at 5:25 for an overview of Integration options for MySQL into Identity Management.

If you want to meet Ping Luo (a technology manager on the OpenSSO team and the celebrity that helped launch the Ping Identity vs. Sun video funfest last year) come by our booth.  He will be in the Sun Identity Pod from 10-1:30pm today.  Here is the video and Ping's response.

The EPIC Response.

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Identity at MySQL RSA This Week

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

The Identity Management Team will be at the MySQL and RSA Conferences this week in Northern California.  If you are into security or building innovative applications for the enterprise then this is an exciting week.  

It is an exciting week as we will be talking about our work between MySQL and Identity giving customer's the maximum choice to build solutions.  We have a Birds of a Feather presentation on Tuesday evening at 6:30 in Ballroom C, where Ludo Poitou, the Community Manager for OpenDS, will be talking about how to use MySQL and Directory together as identity repositories.  We will be talking about some new news at this BOF and hope you will be there to hear this exciting news.

Twitter is a great tool during conferences as you can hear where the great presentations are occurring and in some cases and sometimes get advanced warnings of topics that might not be of interest to you.  Here are the twitter accounts that I will be following: (or you can follow me @nwooler)

Twitter at RSA

Twitter at MySQL

Hope you have a great week!  Oh, and as for the Oracle merger talks, rumors, etc......Unfortunately we are not able to comment.

Monday Aug 04, 2008

15 Minute Rule and OpenSSO

Marten Mickos talks frequently about a 15 minute rule at MySQL which refers to their rule that customers should be able to download, install and start using within 15 minutes.  This is a model built for developers that live on the web whether at work or in their every day life.    OpenSSO has focused on improving it's user experience and we are excited about a number of the workflows that have been developed that make Federating much easier.  However, I was on a recent call with a very big customer and I was talking about OpenSSO and how to participate in our Early Access program  (I will blog later this week about the EA program but watch this page).  As I was talking, the customer piped in, "I just downloaded and installed while you were talking and will start evaluting the upgrade documentation."  I have blogged in the past that we have tried to make the product easy and effective to install within 15 minutes.  I had some empiracle and positive feedback that I wanted to share.  Download and try installing for yourself and let me know if you can do it in 15 minutes.

Download at here
Installation instructions are here

 Also, Sidharth Mishra, who is a great colleague of mine, has put together a great summary installation guide on Glassfish.  You can read it here.

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

15 Minute Rule for MySQL

Last week you may have heard that Sun finalized the acquisition of MySQL which is a great day for Sun, MySQL and OpenSource.  There are three reasons why this is a great move for Sun.  One, we add another great Open Source brand to Sun's great portfolio of software products (JAVA, Solaris, MySQL, Glassfish, FAM, xVM, etc.).  Two, we add a great database to our portfolio and ultimately broaden the choice for our customers.  Third, we give developers even more reason to use Sun as their infrastructure of choice for the innovative applications they are building for customers today.

Most of all you got to love the 15 minute rule.  In this video Marten Mickos refers to the 15 minute rule at MySQL which refers to their rule that customers should be able to download, install and start using within 15 minutes.  This is a model built for developers that live on the web whether at work or in their every day life. 

I work on the Federated Access Management team software team and we believe that the user experience of enterprise software is critical to customer's success.  Customer's need to be able to download, install, configure and deploy software quickly so that they can get to value quickly.  This is in the core of our DNA and it is what we believe will help differentiate our product  line in the future.   Another example of how the MySQL acquisition is about marrying companies with similar DNA and cultures.    Go to OpenSSO and you can start to see some of the workflows and user experience improvements that we have put into the product.  We will have to run a test and see if this marketing guy can perform against the 15 minute rule.


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