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Planning features for NetBeans next ... Continuation II

I will try to continue to answer your comments about planning features. I'm sorry if I will not answer your comment, it possibly should be because the similar question/issue was already answered or explained or simply I don't know how to answer. Also I would like to say again, if there will be enough resources, we would like to implements supports for all frameworks and almost all requirements which you wish. But the resources .... Simply we can not do miracles:(. On the other hand it's open source and if you feel strong enough in Java programming, you can help us, but this is another story.

I'm looking mainly for features from which the bulk users will have a benefit. This is why I'm asking about the web developer workflow and features, which can help to all web developers. It doesn't have to be PHP centric, developers of Java web applications or Ruby/JRuby can use them as well.

Sergio's comments:

2) Having an option that could be optimized website.

Which is responsible for optimizing all pages that are on site to
remove comments, javascript, css, html, php, compact or compress the
code in fewer lines to lower the weight of the.

Good suggestion. The JavaScript/CSS compressor is a part of this. It should be a part of building proces. Which also mean that the process has to be configurable.

3) A complete environment which is already integrated with Apache, PHP, MySQL, Xdebug, all in one package more complete.

A few month ago, we were thinking about creating a small image for Virtual Box, where the  Apache, PHP, MySQL, Xdebug and DTrace will be installed and worked out of the box. The image shouldn't be bigger than 300MB. Do you mean like this?

4) Power Wizard-create a profile with a template project, which has the
directory structure of how each programmer to have on future projects.
and that this project template can be backup for future installations.

Nice suggestion. I will talk with Tomas about this. 

5) Integrate the browser to the Zend Studio IDE and is

I'm sorry, I don't understand this.

CodioPHP's comment:

Generating class PHP, CRUD Application from a Database

Is it a part of the framework like Symfony, Zend, Cake PHP etc.? To implement this probably will be good for demos, but I don't see much benefit in real life. It's hard to maintain and I would say that is a duplication of the frameworks functionality.

Ido Green's comment:

0.Debugger + profiler - put xDebug and Facebook open source profiler (http://developers.facebook.com/xhprof/) that give you the options to get memory and not just cpu stats as integral part of netbean for php.

This is by far to most imprtant feature that no other open source IDE offer php developers.

I haven't look at the xhprof yet, but it's on top of my task list. We need evaluate this and see how it can be integrated into NetBeans.

1. If you could do something that will take the functionalty of findBug
(from java) and will do some bug/security analysis to the php code in
netbean it will be great. I know it's not a 'pure' IDE role but still -
very important tool that the ide can offer its users.

I agree with you. It would be nice to  have such functionality. Possibly can be used some external program which does this. There are few of them. It's again question of priority and resources. We don't have it in plan for the next release, but it's on my radar.

Hans's and Marcos's comments:

Are you workmates? :) The performance was improved in NetBeans 6.8. There were fixed some bugs in this area and the impact of these fixes is significant. At least I hope:).

Kristian's comment:

I'm using the latest dev-version and I am currently experiencing
problems the code templates. Sometimes the work sometimes they don't.
General code completion (ctrl+space) seems to work a lot better now

Could you please file a bug for it. The best bug for is a reproducible bug. There were done some changes in the code templates and I can not guaranteed that there is not a bug.:(

Markus Wolff's comment:

Hmm, regarding the Javascript compression, what I'd really love to see is full integration for the Dojo Toolkit.

I'm with you on the same boat. I would like to have it as well. Unfortunately JavaScript support was in maintenance mode in NetBeans 6.8. I hope it will be better in the upcoming release. 

goofy's comment:

It would be cool to have a new projects tab more symfony oriented in
place of files. Something to navigate more quickly between sform,
model, module, plugins something like the navigator class but on all
the project.

Although the Symfony support was started in Netbeans 6.8, I wouldn't say that is done. We are waiting for the feedback and we are hoping that we will heard suggestions like you wrote.

Another idea: a log viewer with different format like mysql apache symfony …

Yes !!!, this is my favorite as well. I already wanted this 5 years ago.  

And the possibility to have syntax coloration on php in json or json in
php and an optionnal possibility to choose yourself your editor like in
eclipse (hope it's not a dirty word ;) )

In NetBeans 6.8 I added support for PHP in YAML file. So I could add PHP support into JSON file. There are some implementation obstacles from JSON editor side and I need to look at this.

Chris's comment:

One really basic IDE feature is just to be able to right click on a
file (or its tab) and select "Open the Containing Folder" of that file!

I have to admit that I try to use mouse as minimal as I can, but the functionality is there. If you have open a file in the editor and the editor has the focus, then

  • CTRL + SHIFT + 1 opens the folder with the file in the Project tab
  • CTRL + SHIFT + 2 opens the folder with the file in the Files tab
  • CTRL + SHIFT + 3 opens the folder with the file in the Favorite tab

Jeff Dickey's comment:

Rather than support ZF or Yii or Kohana (what I use) or
JoeBobsUltimateFramework™ as a standalone feature, how about doing some
thinking about what is needed to support ANY PHP framework, publish the
spec, and throw a couple of reference implementattions (for the midsize
one, I'd guess) into the tin with 6.9?

I'm rally glad that you wrote this. This is exactly what I have talked to managers. Try to create a platform for frameworks support. I'm trying to fight for this. The question is who will be the target user of such platform. It will be an experienced java programmer. Probably not, because for such developer everything is there. The NetBeans API. So this platform has to be targeted to non java programmers or not very experienced programmers.

Comment from

Display full path in title menu. May be optional. I don't understand
why it is not implemented. I know there is a hint, but you must move
mouse and it is not productive. I just want to quick look at title bar
and know what I'm editing right know. index.php is not really

I have discussed this requirement with the editor infrastructure guy almost one year ago. It started to be actual with the support for PHP. I need to talk with him one more time:)

Denyerec's comment:

- CSS colourpicker is trivial but a huge timesaver, TopStyle Pro does
it perfectly, allowing autocomplete of recently used colour codes
followed by all colourcodes in the document, followed by a "Choose
colour" option that throws up a colourpicker that interacts with
anything onscreen.

The color chooser in code completion is already mentioned and I would like to have it as well. A few improvements in CSS editing is already planned for NetBeans 6.9, I will try to convinced the engineer to make this chooser as well.

- Using dark theme with white foreground text renders the "Find
instances" pane unreadable due to white-on-beige writing. Again trivial
but annoying.

Just file a simple bug. I can fix it. At least in the PHP editor. 

- "Copy file to network on save". You can have a file automatically
FTP'd up on save, but you can't just copy it to another location on
your hard disk. When working I will often have to dev from a local
folder (SVN checkout) and then copy files over to the webroot to test
in the browser. Being able to specify a "local mirror" which will be
updated with any changed files on run/save would be very useful. (And
no, I can't just move my web root, it's a shared environment...)

Are you working with both copies at the same time? It would be solution to create two run configurations and switch between the local and the remote configuration, when you need?

- Conditional breakpoints

This is really missing.  The obstacle for this so far was that there was a bug in XDebug that when you tried to evaluate an expression, which doesn't exist in the code, then the XDebug crashes. Until this bug will not be fixed, we cannot introduce the conditional breakpoint, because then the XDebug will crash in the bulk of cases.

Full featureset for opened file based on file extension. What do I mean
by this? Currently it seems that to get code completion, etc etc, you
have to create a project , add the file to it and then open the file.
This means I can't use netbeans to make simple modifications to
standalone scripts without first creating a project, etc. I use
notepad++ if I'm making single or small-scale edits simply because
there's no sense creating projects for those thing. If Netbeans could
do more when you simply open a single PHP file in it (IE create a
simple, memory-based project rather than files on disk, or even temp
files with default settings) that would be a huge help.

You should be able to open a simple file in NetBeans. Or open the file from your OS with NetBeans. Sure is not full featureset. For example for the full code completion you need to index the include path. Without a project there is not an include path so how the ide should recognize the include path.

gawan's comment:

1. Last days I found "Zen Coding: A Speedy Way To Write HTML/CSS Code" (http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/11/21/zen-coding-a-new-way-to-write-html-code/ - look at screencast). This is excellent idea how to improve HTML coding. Full support for netbeans would be great idea.

Need to look at this. I haven't seen it yet.

2. Everybody has their excellent, super, great framework ;) It is
impossible to made support for all framework. But better could be help
PHP developers develop support by self. If you made some tool or "Meta
Framework" for PHP developers it would be great. PHP developer will
only define some special properties for his framework e.g.:

- relation between controller and template

- how looks variable in template

- list of possible template functions etc.

Agreed, I already wrote about this. We already talked with Radek about an XML configuration file, where people can define context and which items should appear in code completion in this context.

Comment from

A Sync-Button in the IDE to sync Projects Web-Directory with the content of the Server would be simple and great!

Thanks for the tip.

Comment from Levente Hollo:

- I would love to use Prado framework support in Netbeans. This is
really good framework, this has a big community. One year ago, you
started to implement this support (http://forums.netbeans.org/topic1202.html) Please, please continue!!!

I would like to continue. I need to find a time. I have now two small boys and you can imagine that I have really little spare time:(.

- I would like to see a better WSDL support, creating a WSDL form a PHP
class, and creating a PHP class from a WSDL file. There are several
WSDL generators in the web, like these:

There was already such requirement. So you are not alone. I will talk with engineer, who take car about WS. 

Vitex's comment:

The original comment is in Czech. Vitex wants a functionality, which will disable all breakpoint at once that allow to execute the application and turn on the breakpoints when he needs.

There is Breakpoint window where are actions Enable All Breakpoints and Disable All Breakpoints. Is it exactly what you want?

Jasmo's comment:

I would like to see some better diff software, i'm not that pleased
with current diff system with Netbeans. Normally i use winmerge, but it
does not work correctly with netbeans if i assign it as external diff

Please write an enhancement to our issue database for VCS team. 

Anton's comment:

It would be nice if I could instruct the ide how to handle the flexy templates (even without syntax highlighting I would like to prevent netbeans telling me about errors in my html code which are not erros but flexy templates) like <p style="{mystyle:h}"> </p>)

Basically has to be implemented at least the embedding language provider for such delimiters (part of the framework support). 

An other issue in NB is the missing trac support... yes there is cubeon which works but cubeon goes its own way: It is managed completly different than bugzilla etc.

Try NetBenas 6.8. There is integrated support for Bugzilla and Jira. I hope it works.

Comment from

Instead of supportin dozens of Frameworks (Zend,Cake,Symfony) what
about Templates for modules of most commen CMS Systems. Modules for
Joomla, Modules for Wordpress, Modules for Typolight... that would be
great too!!!

There is a lot of things, which can be done in this area. And it's easy to do it. My problem is tat I don't know much these systems. Probably someone from community can help. 

Ingo's comment:

But the last point for QA is open ;-), add phpcs support: https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=172543

We talked with Radek last week about it. Also there is simple integration of Code Snifffer from one guy from community. Thanks to Benjamin for the module.  

Comment from e.s.t.:

If I could have more, I would choose configurable Line Breaks, and some
better formatting (i.e. format of multidimensional arrays is horrible).

The PHP formatting is a pain.  There was done some fixes in NetBeans 6.8, but IMHO it's not enough. My plan is to rewrite formatting and the rules should reflect selected style. The first styles will be taken from PHP Code Sniffer.

Also the problem with PHP is that the is not one and only true
framework, like it is with Ruby (Rails) or Python (Django). So again
avoid it, and instead give the work for the community around those
projects. You foucs on core IDE support, community focuses on plugins.
"You wanna have support for CakePHP? Write a plugin for it, we will
show you how :)". Have a Firefox for an example, it's extensions is key
to success, and because of that we have great plugins like Firebug and
tons of others, and they were created by community folks, not Mozilla.

Basically I agree with and I wrote this above. 

Tom's comment:

I also would like to be able to bind the code templates to file
extensions instead of mime-types. I got specific templates for XML
files that should only be used with specific DTDs. I have no problem with naming the files according to the underlying DTDs like "file.vdrive.xml" or "file.db.xml".

I think it's done in the right way that the editor features are bind to the mimetypes. For the xml, you can define your own mimetype like text/xml+myextension and in the file resolver you can specify the dtd or schema, which has to contain such xml file. Then the editor is using features defined for the text/xml  mimetype and add features for your mimetype.

Also I would like to be able to force NetBeans to use a
code-highlighter of my choice. For example: the default extension for
XLIFF-files is .xlf. Thus NetBeans does not recognize the files as XML
and doesn't highlight them at all. Instead I always have to use an
external XML editor.(I know I can associate an extension with a Mime-Type in Tools >
Options > Misc > Files > File associations. But this is not a
convenient and user friendly solution. Would any user really guess from
this name that this functionality is actually for setting the default

Probably I work with NetBeans too long and it looks to me intuitive. If you know which advantages has the mimetype approach, it's nice idea. 

Denyerec's comment:

This might sound really trivial, but it'd be really nice if @deprecated
functions (indicated by a doc block comment) would show up with a
different / grey / faint icon in the code navigator...

I can not say now, whether it's trivial or not, but you are right, it's missing feature in PHP. I think that Java has it. 

hantsy's comment:

I can not find the wiki page about NetBeans 6.9....

There is no a central page about NetBeans 6.9 yet. Every team is trying to create  a plan for the release. So you can find a pages from different team on wiki.netbeans.org,  but they are drafts. I wouldn't expected something final yet.

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Comments ( 44 )
  • Ariel Arjona Monday, November 30, 2009

    Could it be possible to have the same shortcut java guys get to complete a line with a semicolon? (ctrl-enter I believe).

    Also to be able to specify an external editor would be awesome.

  • guest Monday, November 30, 2009


    - "Copy file to network on save". Being able to specify a "local mirror" which will be updated with any changed files on run/save would be very useful. (And no, I can't just move my web root, it's a shared environment...)


    Are you working with both copies at the same time? It would be solution to create two run configurations and switch between the local and the remote configuration, when you need?


    To follow up...

    I am forced due to workflow to work on a file, then when my edits are complete, copy this to a development server that all the developers can access. (Centralised web server). It would be nice, alongside the "upload to FTP on save" feature, to have a "Copy to target directory on save" so such workflows could be accommodated.

    The problem stems from having several developers and only one target webserver, so the developers must work on local copies of files, then manually copy across changed files so they can be tested in the browser.

    Personally I'd advocate a change in workflow, but there are certain conveniences to the approach so to see this kind of feature added would be great. Just the same as "Upload to FTP on save", but instead of uploading, just copying to target folder.

  • Denyerec Monday, November 30, 2009

    @ Ariel Arjona


    You could add this as a macro to CTRL+ENTER ?

    ";" delete-previous caret-end-line ";" jump-list-last-edit jump-list-last-edit

  • Nyro Monday, November 30, 2009

    I'm really interested in the project template. It should also include all external library as well.

    I also really liked the idea to create a documentation on how to create plugin for supporting a new framework, as I'm currently writing my own one.

    Pretty excited about everything else and can't wait until the next release!

  • Tom Monday, November 30, 2009

    To follow up on Highlighter associations and Mime-Types.

    I agree that it may somehow work this way, but: is it convenient?

    1) Many users may not know the term "Mime-Type"

    2) I don't like the idea of having to introduce my own proprietary non-standard Mime-Type for each code-template.

    3) How do you distribute these settings? It's pretty useless if you can't.

    4) Binding settings to a certain DTD or XSD requires that the file has one. This is not always true: e.g. PHP-Unit's XML configuration files always have none! (Also S(X)ML-files as a XML-style replacement for properties files never have a DTD.)

    I believe people are used to certain standard behavior which they know from other editors. Any other editor I know has a button to select the type of highlighter to use if you feel like the current one isn't appropriate.

    Plus all these editors bind highlighters to file extensions rather than Mime-Types.

    E.g. for (X)HTML files you might wish to highlight:

    1) just HTML

    2) included CSS only

    3) included JavaScript only

    4) included PHP only

    5) PHP and HTML

    6) HTML plus Template Engine "Foo"

    7) embedded SVG or other embedded resources

    8) highlight as XML instead of XHTML

    So I think you can't guess by the mime-type which one the user actually will need. Also the user may choose to pick one now and go for the other tomorrow.

    Thus I suggest to add such button to the requirements for a generic highlighting engine and improved support for code templates.

  • Alexandre santos Monday, November 30, 2009

    I think could implement auto complete for imagick.

  • Sergio Monday, November 30, 2009

    ##5) Integrate the browser to the Zend Studio IDE and is

    ##I'm sorry, I don't understand this.


    5)RE: Integrate the browser in IDE NetBeansPHP 6.9 for (Debug PHP, Debug JavaScript, Debug JSP, view CSS, View XHTML, etc..)


    ##3) A complete environment which is already integrated with Apache, PHP, MySQL, Xdebug, all in one package more complete.

    ##A few month ago, we were thinking about creating a small image for Virtual Box, where the Apache, PHP, MySQL, Xdebug and DTrace will be installed and worked out of the box. The image shouldn't be bigger than 300MB. Do you mean like this?


    3)RE: The idea is that the assistant installation package NetBeansPHP ask if we downloaded from the Internet and configure a development environment (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Xdebug). For NetBeansPHP we simply configure everything needed for development and testing of our projects. The ides is the same as doing (ZEND Studio + ZEND Server) with your tool.

    Saludos Sergio de Argentina. ;-)

  • EOM Blog Monday, November 30, 2009

    Ingles: #######################################

    1) Integrate with clockingit.com or similar, for project monitoring and analis time.

    2) Integrate exploring SQLite Database; like this with MySQL.

    3) That the PHP Class Wizard, allows for the addition if the Class inherits from another class or interface or both or more than one interface.

    4) That Integrates PHPdocument generator to generate the website with automated documentation as "Zend Studio 5"

    Español: #####################################

    1) Integrar con clockingit.com o similar, para seguimientos de los proyectos y análisis del tiempo utilizado en el proyecto.

    2) Integrar SQLite en el explorar de Base de Datos; como esta con MySQL.

    3) Que el asistente de PHP Class, permita agregar si la Class hereda de otra Class o una Interfaz o de ambas o mas de una Interfaz.

    4)Que Integra el generador de PHPdocument, para generar el website con la documentación de manera automatizada como "Zend Studio 5"

  • Bruce Monday, November 30, 2009

    I currently need a proxy for Xdebug, to allow multiple developers to share a remote server. My co-workers use Eclipse because of this.

    Nice to have:

    //@suppress warnings

    I'd like to create a svn shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-C) to commit all files in a project, not just one. Creating such a shortcut disables some of the menus, btw.

    The error reporter won't take no for an answer! Do you really want the same person submitting the same bugs again?

  • Stefan Verstege Monday, November 30, 2009

    Some things i miss:

    1) full filepath/name visible from the file i'm editing, in the title bar of netbeans

    2) 'Open filepath' of selected file as part of the 'right-click' tool menu in the projects tree

    3) Generate documentation from the php doc blocks

    4) Integration with the php_depand, php_crap, etc tools

  • Marek Smol&iacute;k Monday, November 30, 2009

    Please try to fix shortcuts for non-english keyboard layouts (in ubuntu). Petr, try to switch cs/sk keyboard layout and define shortcuts for e.g. CTRL + ľščřž... etc. It is impossible. (I don't like switching keyboard layout and some years ago I learned to use cs/sk and it improved my coding because I don't need thing which layout is active.)

  • Rustam Zagirov Monday, November 30, 2009


    When project is remote (ftp or sftp) I like to not handle full directory or pattern of directory and files. Example, I have a directory with many pictures, on create project I don't check this files, but with next download project I need to remove many checkboxes.

    I see it as a filter, in which I add a whole directories or pattern a files in directory(s)/subdirectories which to remove from download and upload.

  • koubel Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    I very miss "Go to file" for directories support, better navigation in project directories. PHP projects have mostly very directory oriented structure. Mostly PHP class namespacing is based on directory structure.

    For some another improvements of "Go to file" see komodo fast open screen cast

  • Brian Tuesday, December 1, 2009


    Many thanks for great IDE!

    My list of things, which I'm most missing:

    1. File path in the title bar

    2. SMARTY syntax highlighting or may be other good things we love on NB

    3. GIT support

    4. Better Python support :) (I know it's wrong blog)

  • hantsy Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    PEAR(http://pear.php.net) is php official lib management tool, it is like ruby

    gems, java maven. Why not support it by

    default for PHP support.

    Some features are required.

    1.Implement packaging php project as PEAR package.

    2.Provide a "PEAR" manager like "Ruby Gems" manager to install PHP library from

    remote server.

    3.Create index on the installed PHP library, and provide "Code completion"

    feature to fix dependency problem in php project.

    I filed an issue about it, but the status never updated.

  • Christiaan Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    I am missing some things in the "Copy files from Sources Folder to another location" feature.

    The ability to specify multiple target folders so it will get copied to those two.

    And the ability to exclude files/folders that will be copied.

  • akrohn Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    My votes for:

    1. File path in the title bar

    2. I would love to see code completion extended, so that it recognizes magic _get and _set properties. I think nobody mentioned that.

    3. Possibilty to reformat the php code

  • Christiaan Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Ah I already thought I forgot something!

    I'd second akrohn's point nr 2.

    In Eclipse you can use the @property annotation for classes which will show up as properties of the class.

    And @method for the magic methods using __call

  • Petr Pisl Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    To akrohn and Chrstiaan. The @property and @methods work. I'm not sure whether it work from NB 6.7 or we add it in NetBeans 6.8. It doesn't work for you?

  • Avital Ben-Natan Thursday, December 3, 2009

    There is a feature category I know that and a handsome number of developers and myself would greatly benefit from:

    1:Multiple connections management (FTPs, File-systems, Projects...). The ability to group those connections to form an aggregate "remote target"/source (consisting of a number of connections/projects)

    2: A publishing system able to handle transfers across those connections such as downloading, syncing, real-time updating and such.

  • Troels Liebe Bentsen Thursday, December 3, 2009

    @property and @methods does not work for me in Netbeans 6.8 and the nightly build from today.

    /\* @property string $test testname. \*/

    /\* @method int test2() do stuff \*/

    /\* @method int Testing->test3() do stuff \*/

    class Testing {

    public function test() {


    /\* @method int Testing->test4() do stuff \*/

    public function __call($method, $parms) {



    $test = new Testing();


  • Petr Pisl Friday, December 4, 2009

    To Troels:

    Sure in the form as you wrote it, it will not work, because ti doesn't follow the PHP Documentor "specification". This will not be parsed by this program.

    The right form has to be:


    \* @property string $test testname.

    \* @method int test2() do stuff

    \* @method int test3() do stuff

    \* @method int test4() do stuff


    class Testing {

    public function test() {


    public function __call($method, $parms) {



    The main problem is that it has to be in PHP Document comment.



  • Christiaan Friday, December 4, 2009

    Peter, you're right. Netbeans is just a bit stricter about the format as Eclipse.


    \* @property string test testname.


    Works in eclipse but doesn't in Netbeans


    \* @property string $test testname.


    However works.. So its just me who forgot some $'s

    My other suggestion still stands tough :D

  • Petr Pisl Friday, December 4, 2009

    Christiaan, when I implemented this, I follow the PHP documentor parser, which was the specification for me. I think that the var name without $ will not work for PHP Documentor as well.

  • thinsoldier Friday, December 4, 2009

    Chris, netbeans is no more strict that the actual phpdoc parser/generator program. If you ran your project through the generator to generate html or pdf documentation it would choke or omit a lot of your documentation because it's not properly formatted.

  • thinsoldier Friday, December 4, 2009

    [[The color chooser in code completion is already mentioned and I would like to have it as well. A few improvements in CSS editing is already planned for NetBeans 6.9, I will try to convinced the engineer to make this chooser as well.]]

    On windows & mac the OS level color picker lets you save colors so you can access them from any other program that uses the OS color picker.

    People on macs use this feature a lot. Would it be possible to have netbeans use the built in operating system color picker instead of writing something from scratch that will be buggy and take multiple releases before it's fixed?

    [[You should be able to open a simple file in NetBeans. Or open the file from your OS with NetBeans. Sure is not full featureset. For example for the full code completion you need to index the include path. Without a project there is not an include path so how the ide should recognize the include path.]]

    Have the include path default to the same directory the file is in. Maybe ad a way to very very quickly edit the include path. In my cases in my work I'd just need to quickly add ../ or remove the final directory from the auto-generated include path. Another thing standing in the way of quick edits in OS X is that I can't drag files from the desktop to the Netbeans Icon.

    Please remove the delay before showing tool tip that has full path of file. The wait is annoying. Make it instant like ctrl+hover in zbrush.

  • hops Saturday, December 5, 2009

    To the Zen coding dude: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

    I wen't to that site.. the moment I saw the thing, I instantly knew - this is useless. Time spent on writing html code manually is (unless you're writing shitloads of static pages) so small, that this just itsn't worth it. And by the looks of the comments there, I'm not alone with this opinion.

    "When programming, the actual time spent typing should be trivial when compared to any other task. I think tools like this just add complexity to a nonexistent problem"

  • Max Kamashev Monday, December 7, 2009

    Хотелось бы иметь возможность восстанавливать закрытые вкладки с файлами подобно тому, как это сделано в firefox.

  • Max Kamashev Monday, December 7, 2009

    khm.. sorry.. now, on english... :)

    I would like to be able to restore closed tabs from the files, just as is done in firefox.

  • akrohn Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    Tried the use of @property in netbeans 6.7.1 and it works. The code completions shows the property, but forgets to show the datatype and description entered in the phpdoc @property. Maybe this could added.

  • Petr Pisl Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    I think, there were done some enhancements in this area in NetBenas 6.8.



  • Pet Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    One feature, which would be very useful is rectangular editing capability. There is plug-in, but it is not perfect.

    say you have to edit array of items

    $var = array(





    and you'd like to chang in

    $var = array(





    rectangle editing would do great job here.

    Of course there are other more complicated examples, where search replace wouldn't work.

  • Denyerec Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Another vote for Zen Coding too...


    Would be lovely to see.

  • akrohn Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Netbeans 6.8 also shows "No PHPDOC found" for correctly formatted @property tag. It shows up on the code completion, whichs is great, but doesn't show the description, which is not so good :)

  • ultra Saturday, December 12, 2009

    An extra feature that I would really appreciate is a work time measuring tool, what could make a stat about working on a project. It would be very helpful for those who work on time based jobs.

  • Jozef Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    I am happy to see permanent progress of NB PHP. I use it as my favourite IDE, but sometimes i must go to Eclipse PDT, especially when debugging. Here are my comments on NB 6.8 and most wanted features in next release.

    1. Debugger is buggy. It ignores breakpoints sometimes and i must use xdebug_break(). Some variables are evaluated NULL even if they are not null.

    2. Scanning/parsing performance was not improved. Try to open a big TCPDF class in editor (www.tcpdf.org), Eclipse PDT is much faster.

    3. I am still missing PHP manual integration. Pressing F1 on PHP core function should open a help page from http://www.php.net/manual/en/

  • Tom Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    @akrohn This seems to be fixed in the current development version.

    @ultra Have you tried TaskCoach or OpenProject? Actually I would want to track my efforts inside my issue tracker.


    1) not for me - debugging works fine!

    2) agreed on that. BTW: have you tried the "Scan on demand" plugin yet?

    3) there was a suggestion to add customizable buttons to "run external application". I believe this feature would fix that. There might be a ticket for that.

    @Denyerec just checked out ZEN-Coding and it looks brilliant. You got my vote for that.

  • anon Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Any ideas for phpdoc notation "array of X" ? AFAIK phpdocumentor doesn't support it and Eclipse devs also aren't sure how to do it ( https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=170968 ). PhpLint syntax http://www.icosaedro.it/phplint/phpdoc.html#literalarrays seems to be a bit too verbose - but it would allow auto-complete also for keys in foreach(), not only values.

  • Jozef Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    @Tom, @Petr Pisl

    1. XDebug issues - PHP 5.3, XAMPP 1.7.2 Windows:

    The new version XDebug 2.1.0 solves many issues. It can be downloaded from ActiveState


    @Petr: IMO many open NB debugger issues will be closed when the XDebug 2.1.0 will be officially released.

    2. Scanning/parsing performance vs ScanOnDemand plugin:

    I have installed the plugin, but it doesn't help. I open TCPDF class (or switch between edited files) and the Navigator window always refreshes for 5 seconds when TCPDF gets focus. @Petr: Could you cache the Navigator tree (swing data model)?

    3. PHP manual integration.

    OK, there is a link "Online documentation" when i use the Ctrl+Space popup http://i.imagehost.org/view/0892/NB68_autocomplete_phpmanual

    @Petr: You have already links to online manual pages stored in "netbeans/php1/phpstubs/\*.php" files. Can you implement Alt+F1 shortcut?

    4. @Petr: Is this wiki page still being maintained?


  • eric Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    one thing our whole team is really missing is shared snippets! (the ability for multiple people on a team to collaborate on a single set of snippets, basically just a networked snippets location).

    also, i'm not quite sure what falls into the netbeans for php realm, vs general netbeans. for example, i have a few bug reports on the light on dark color issues (one was mentioned above), but they never seem to make it down your way. same with snippets, i wasn't sure if this is a general netbeans feature, or if you'd specifically add this for php netbeans.

    thanks for the most amazing php editor out there, Petr, you're awesome!

  • Tom Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    @Eric the snippets are stored in a NetBeans settings directory as XML files. Just check these files into your SVN repository (or CSV if you prefer that) and you are done! As simple as can be.

    You may even store a fully pre-configured XAMPP installation in your repository along with anything you want to share for your infrastructure. You don't need to wait for a NetBeans feature or some special Groupware to do that.

  • Petr Pisl Wednesday, December 16, 2009


    ad 1. You are right, many debugging issues are fixed in new version in XDebug, which is not released yet.

    ad 2. We "just" put data for navigator and the rendering is basically done by infrastructure. I will try to push to fix the infrastructure, to be more big file friendly.

    ad 3. I think so. Could you file an enhancement for it?

    ad 4. The latest pla is here: http://wiki.netbeans.org/Dynamic_Web_Languages , where is section about PHP. But the plan is not still finished.

  • boen_robot Friday, December 18, 2009

    Here's my PHP related wish list for (hopefully) the next version of NetBeans:

    1. PHP Profiler. There's already an issue about this:


    2. As Chris said (and BTW, I think he was misunderstood), it would be nice if one can right click on a file/folder, and open the corresponding file/folder's containing folder \*in Windows Explorer\*. The options you cite open up the file on different places within NetBeans itself, but not in Windows Explorer.

    3. Nicer and less often crashing PHP debugger. I've used Eclipse with the same XDebug version that I've used for NetBeans, with the same watches and everything. And yet, for some reason, NetBeans crashes, seemingly randomly with my PHP files, while Eclipse doesn't crash on those same files with the same request variables and everything... I understand that there may be some issues with XDebug itself, but I'm curious how come NetBeans fails (at seemingly random places within the code) while Eclipse doesn't.

    4. I'm also experiencing the "slowness-after-time" issue that was mentioned a few times here. It's hard to reproduce and pinpoint, because it happens only if you have the IDE opened up with a large enough file (500+ lines), and keep it minimized for at least an hour, and then come back to make a change.

    5. Instead of doing PHP syntax highlighting on some files (when there is an explicit request), why not make the "<?php" construct trigger the PHP syntax highlighter on every file? After all, PHP could be embedded into any file... as long as that file goes through a PHP interpreter, it's PHP. Of course, if the current syntax highlighter has a similar language construct (e.g. XML's processing instructions) use that feature instead.

  • Paco Vela Friday, March 26, 2010

    I don't know if this is closed...

    I think that would be good if we can select the folder where copying the files ("Copy the files from Sources Folders to another location"). I use it to copy the files to the apache web server, and with symfony projects I only want to copy the "web" folder...

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