New JavaScript Editor in the Development Build

As I wrote in my last few posts, we are working on the new JavaScript editor. A few days ago we have merged the editor from a branch to the trunk, so now the editor is a part of daily builds that can be downloaded here and it should be much easier to play with it. We are working hard on it and probably not everything is working as you want or as you expected. I would like to ask you to help us to make the JavaScript editor better and better. Just play with it or try to write...

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PHP Conference 2011 in Barcelona

This week I'm going to visit PHP Conference that will take place from the 28th to the 29th of October in Barcelona. I will have there one session about NetBeans IDE. The session starts at 3:45 PM on Friday.  If you will be there and you would want to talk with me about NetBeans, discuss features and what is missing for you, we can organized informal get-together. Just let me know, leave comment here.

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Basic support for Smarty3

Many of you were asking about editor support for changed delimiters policy which happened in Smarty 3.0. I'm glad that I can announce that NetBeans 7.1 will contain initial Smarty3 support which impacts especially delimiters policy and also adds most of Smarty3 tags into the code completion. See the following example for Smarty3 code from our latest Development version: If you would like to come back to the Smarty2 behaviour, you can do so in Tools -> Options -> PHP -> Smartyta...

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Blog is alive again

Today it's the first day, when I can log in and work with the blog after the migration. Thanks for your patience.  I will need to play with the design of the blog. So probably the blog will change the design, but shouldn't influence the functionality.  [Edit] The current setting of the system is much more restrictive than was the previous one. It allows me choose from a few template that I can not customize.  The next think is that every comment has to be approved. [/Edit] 

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Blog will be migrated

This Friday should be started the migration of blogs.sun.com to new domain blogs.oracle.com. The migration should be done during one week. I hope that the blog will available ASAP after the migration. 

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NetBeans 7.0 Release Candidate 1 is published

Today there was published the first release candidate for Netbeans 7.0. From the PHP point of view it contains fixes of issue #188107issue #194294 and issue #196985. The first two issues fixed problem with code completion and navigation, the last one is a fix in the indexing infrastructure, that influence PHP functionality.  If you use Beta or Beta 2 build, I recommend to use this build. If you find a bug, please report it in our Bugzilla. 

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