Thursday Aug 16, 2012

New JavaScript Editor in the Development Build

As I wrote in my last few posts, we are working on the new JavaScript editor. A few days ago we have merged the editor from a branch to the trunk, so now the editor is a part of daily builds that can be downloaded here and it should be much easier to play with it.

We are working hard on it and probably not everything is working as you want or as you expected. I would like to ask you to help us to make the JavaScript editor better and better. Just play with it or try to write real code and if you have any problem or doubts, speak up, create new issue / enhancement. Thank you.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

PHP Conference 2011 in Barcelona

This week I'm going to visit PHP Conference that will take place from the 28th to the 29th of October in Barcelona. I will have there one session about NetBeans IDE. The session starts at 3:45 PM on Friday. 

If you will be there and you would want to talk with me about NetBeans, discuss features and what is missing for you, we can organized informal get-together. Just let me know, leave comment here.

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

Basic support for Smarty3

Support for new Smarty3 delimiters policy introduced in our latest Development versions of NetBeans IDE.

Smarty3 delimiters policy

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Friday May 13, 2011

Blog is alive again

Today it's the first day, when I can log in and work with the blog after the migration. Thanks for your patience. 

I will need to play with the design of the blog. So probably the blog will change the design, but shouldn't influence the functionality. 

[Edit] The current setting of the system is much more restrictive than was the previous one. It allows me choose from a few template that I can not customize. 

The next think is that every comment has to be approved. [/Edit] 

Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

Blog will be migrated

This Friday should be started the migration of to new domain The migration should be done during one week. I hope that the blog will available ASAP after the migration. 

Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

NetBeans 7.0 Release Candidate 1 is published

Today there was published the first release candidate for Netbeans 7.0.

From the PHP point of view it contains fixes of issue #188107issue #194294 and issue #196985. The first two issues fixed problem with code completion and navigation, the last one is a fix in the indexing infrastructure, that influence PHP functionality. 

If you use Beta or Beta 2 build, I recommend to use this build. If you find a bug, please report it in our Bugzilla. 

Thursday Mar 10, 2011

New Plugin for Changing Line Separators (eol)

A number of you have been asking for functionality that would let you change line separator types between Windows, Unix, and MacOS formats. See Issue 72515 for a brief history of this request.

Well, you'll be happy to know that Jan Lahoda has created a plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.9 and 7.0 that shows and lets you change the line endings of the file you are working on. You can download the plugin from our plugin portal. To install the downloaded plugin:

  1. Launch NetBeans.
  2. Go to Tools > Plugins.
  3. Open the Downloaded tab.
  4. Click Add Plugins. A file system explorer opens.
  5. Browse for the downloaded  plugin. Select it and click Open. The file system explorer closes and the plugin appears in your plugins window.
  6. Make sure the plugin is selected and click Install.

After you install the plugin, open a file to edit. On the right side of the global status bar, at the bottom of the IDE, you can see the line ending style of the file. To change the line endings of the file, click the line ending and select a new style of line ending.

Line ending on global status bar

Wednesday Jan 19, 2011

Using New Oracle Tutorial on NetBeans, Zend Framework, and Oracle Database

Christopher Jones has a new tutorial up called Developing a PHP Web Application With Oracle Database 11g. This tutorial uses NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 and Zend Framework. It's a lab and assumes you are using Linux and have access to Oracle 11.2.

However, I have got this lab to work on Windows using OracleXE (free download!) and XAMPP. I also tested it with a nightly dev build of NetBeans IDE. I thought I'd share with you the differences between what I did and what the lab says to do.

In the Prerequisites section,

  1. I had already installed Oracle XE and did not install Oracle 11.2.
  2. I did not create a user named PHPHOL. Because the tutorial uses the default HR sample schema, I used the HR user credentials instead (user hr, password hr).
  3. I did not set the application environment in the Apache httd.conf file. I guess you could, though. I ended up adding the server properties to both development and production environments instead, in application.ini (see below).
  4. Because I was using XAMPP, I did not install a new Apache server or PHP engine. I did not enable the Apache UserDir module. I did not set the oci8.connection_class property. All I did was go into XAMPP's php.ini file and uncomment the line for the oci8 extension. (Actually, I had done that much earlier, when I had been using XAMPP with oci8.)
  5. I did use my own download of Zend Framework 1.10.2 instead of the version that is included in XAMPP. This is because the zf.php in XAMPP appears to be buggy, or at least I have never been able to register it with NetBeans IDE.

In the section Creating the Application Framework,

  1. My sources folder was different. My setup was different, so I did not have a root phphol directory, and Apache was using htdocs instead of public_html. My path then was C:/XAMPP/htdocs/PHPLab instead of /home/phphol/public_html/PHPLab.
  2. I did not add a RewriteBase line to .htaccess. I tried this and my project would not run correctly. It worked fine without it.

In the section Listing Employees,

  1. I added a different set of database server properties to application.ini, because I was using OracleXE and because I was accessing the HR schema directly as user hr. So instead of
    resources.db.adapter = "Oracle"
    resources.db.params.dbname = "localhost/orcl"
    resources.db.params.username = "phphol"
    resources.db.params.password = "welcome"
    I added 
    resources.db.adapter = "Oracle"
    resources.db.params.dbname = "localhost/XE"
    resources.db.params.username = "hr"
    resources.db.params.password = "hr"
  2. Because I had not set the application environment in httpd.conf or in index.php, I added the database server properties to both production and development sections of application.ini instead of only the development : production section.
  3. There are some references to the linux cp command. That's just the copy command, so I copied the files in Total Commander instead.

Except for these changes, the tutorial worked fine for me.

Wednesday Jun 16, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 is Available

After bug fixing period NetBeans 6.9 final build is available. You can download it as usual from NetBeans site. What is new, you can read in this document and also you can watch some new features in NetBeans 6.9 Overview video.

 If you use the IDE just for PHP development, I recommend to use the PHP distribution. If you run in to an issue with NetBeans 6.9, enter the issue to our database to be fixed in patch release.

Yesterday there was closed a poll "What language do you plan to use for your next project?". 8232 users answered the poll and PHP has second place (32 %) that is nice result.

Wednesday May 26, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 RC 1 is available

The first release candidate of NetBeans 6.9 is now available. You can download and read more here. So far there wasn't any show stopper in the PHP area and we hope that the final build will be realeased according the plan.

Wednesday May 19, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 - Code Freeze Reached

Yesterday, the 18th of May was created clone for NetBeans 6.9 from the main repository and code freeze for the release was reached. It's the next step to published final build. The first release candidate should be available soon.

Now only stoppers can be fixed in the NetBeans 6.9 clone. If you know about such bug, don't hesitate and enter it in our Bugzilla.

Tuesday Apr 20, 2010

CodeSniffer plugin for NetBeans PHP Editor

A fellow named Benjamin Eberlei has created a new and improved NBM file for the CodeSniffer plugin. Details and a download link are available at his blog.

Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 Milestone 1 available

The milestone 1 of NetBeans 6.9 was published. It's available here. Visit the NetBeans 6.9 New and Noteworthy page to learn more about all the new features and enhancements available in this milestone release.

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 is available

Today (a feew minutes ago) NetBeans 6.8 has been released and you can dowload it from the main page at site. 

I hope that it brings more better and usable support for web development, especially fro PHP developers. I woul like to thank everyone who helps us to improve the IDE.

Promo Video about NetBeans 6.8

NetBeans 6.8 is almost done and is going to be published very soon. You can watch a promo video about NetBeans 6.8 here. As you can see

Usually the new splash screen is one of the latest changes in the release repository. There is the final design of the splash screen.


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