Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

Oracle Solaris 11 express: What's new for system adminstrators

Are you a sysadmin and looking to see what Oracle Solaris 11 express has to offer you? Check this out:

Introducing Oracle Solaris 11 Express – What’s New for System Administrators
This white paper provides system administrators with specific details on how Oracle Solaris 11 express is different from Oracle Solaris 10 platform. It goes into detail of describing the enhancements/ features in Solaris 11 Express and how these would help system administrators in performing their tasks more efficiently.


Monday Nov 15, 2010

New Oracle Solaris facebook group and twitter page

Please follow us on facebook and twitter to catch the latest and greatest in the Oracle Solaris world. Become a part of community and connect with fellow community members and Oracle Solaris experts:

 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=180281340741

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Orcl_Solaris

Oracle Solaris 11 express announced today, paves way for Oracle Solaris 11

Oracle announces immediate availability of Oracle Solaris 11 Express, a fully supported, production-ready environment that builds on existing Oracle Solaris 10 features with more than 2,700 new projects and 400 significant innovations.

Oracle Solaris 11 Express provides access to advanced Oracle Solaris features that have been in development for more than five years. It allows customers to deploy the latest Oracle Solaris features today while preparing their environments to take advantage of Oracle Solaris 11. See the press release for further announcement details.

    \* Join us on Dec 7 for a Webcast and live chat with Oracle Solaris experts and get the latest details on Oracle Solaris 11 Express. Register now
    \* Download Oracle Solaris 11 Express today
    \* Support is available on a wide range of systems
    \* Get additional details about new and enhanced features

Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Sun soon to be Oracle

EU finally approves Sun Oracle deal. It's sad to see the demise of a big name from 1980's. But I am sure that Sun's technology will not only be preserved, but would also reach new heights under the new management. So, let's all take a moment to think about the amazing things Sun had to offer, and turn our heads forward to see what lies ahead.

Thursday Dec 03, 2009

Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09 launched

Today, Sun announced the availability of Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09, the best high availability(HA) and disaster recovery(DR) solution for the Solaris OS. this release has new innovative feature that addresses customers' high availability needs for end -to-end business solutions in a virtualized or traditional environment.

With the advent of virtualization, IT landscape has dramatically changed. The ability to consolidate workloads onto fewer servers also opens up a whole new challenge of ensuring business continuity. Any unplanned downtime of a physical machine in a consolidated environment will cause major disruption to multiple business services running on it. This brings new opportunities in the realm of high availability software deployment and this need will continue to grow.

Today's HA solution needs to integrate seamlessly with cutting edge virtualization technologies while providing maximum availability to the business applications sharing the resources. Solaris Cluster is the best HA solution for the Solaris OS. For instance, Solaris Container Cluster is a unique feature that allows you to create multiple independent, virtual clusters on top of a cluster leveraging the built in virtualization of Solaris with Solaris Containers.  This addresses the growing budget concerns in this tough economic climate by lowering license cost, hardware cost, and management overhead as a result of applications and databases consolidation.

Here are some highlights:

Customer's Challenges
-High Availability: Enterprise applications must continue running because any disruption will cost businesses dollars and reputation. Customers today are looking for robust high availability solutions that keeps their businesses running without interruption.
-Virtualization: Virtualization technologies continue to change customer IT deployments. The ability to consolidate workloads onto fewer servers also opens up a whole new challenge of ensuring business continuity. Any unplanned downtime of a physical machine in a consolidated environment will cause major disruption to multiple business services running on it. Today's HA solution needs to integrate seamlessly with cutting edge virtualization technologies such as Solaris Containers, Ldoms while providing maximum availability to the business applications sharing the resources.
-Cost: Current economic climate is forcing companies to cut back on their IT budget. Enterprises today are looking for a high availability solution at lower costs without compromising on reliability.

Customer's benefits
-Solaris Cluster  is the best HA solution on Solaris: It ensures faster detection and recovery resulting in maximum up-time and fewer service outages.
-Solaris Cluster harnesses Solaris Containers and LDom's to provide end to end, integrated virtualization and HA solutions that optimize compute resource utilization and ensure security isolation, resource management, and fault isolation for enterprises' mission critical business services.
-Solaris Container Cluster significantly reduces software licensing fees, system management overheads and hardware needed by allowing to consolidate applications while maintaining high availability.
-Solaris Cluster support your deployment on existing release 10 years from the date of release. Also, there is no disagreement between vendors that can prolong recovery.
-Best End-to-End High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution for multi-tier Oracle applications and databases.

What's new in this release?
- Solaris Container Cluster support of Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM 8 and Single Instance Oracle Database making it a single HA and DR solution for multi-tier Oracle applications and databases.
- Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) support with single instance Oracle database, in addition to Oracle RAC, in Solaris Containers to leverage ASM's ease of use and performance while ensuring high availability.
- Additional replication options with Hitachi Universal Replicator and  MySQL replication support in Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition.
- New agents and application support.
-And many other innovative features that delivers the promise of high availability, scalability, and performance.

To download the new release, please visit: http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/cluster/get

For more information, please visit:


Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Adobe buying Omniture? What's the deal?

The news about Adobe buying Omniture came as a surprise to a lot of us who are following industry trends closely.

It's difficult to find out the synergies between the two companies: product wise or culture wise. Adobe is one of the leaders in creative software, desktop publishing and design tools. So it is essentially a tools developer company. I cannot see where does web analytics fit in this picture, and I am not surprised to see this as Adobe's attempt to diversify its product line given the fact that creative suite did not as much business the last year as Adobe expected it to do.

Given the way market is moving away from shrinkwrap products to SAAS model, Adobe is sure channeling its energy to venture into the next big thing. But I have my doubts about Omniture. They offer web analytics service for which they charge a fortune and its competition is Google that offers the service for free. Omniture has couple of valus adds over Google analytics but mind you, they are expensive and difficult to deploy! On top of it, Omniture charges its customers by page views, which gets really expensive. So it's essentially same as competing with a free product, which is not a very sustainable business model unless a company has a solid sustainable value preposition (and I will harp on the word "sustainable" here)

As far as cultural synergies go, Omniture is not looked at as a customer friendly company and people are unhappy with the company's billing practices and lack of professionalism. (Here I will clarify this is a second hand information floating around. As far as I am concerned, I am an Omniture user but not the interface with the Omniture folks in my company). On the other hand, Adobe is a highly respected company and has a huge, satisfied customer base. They are extremely efficient, quick and have a good reputation with their customers (having been in the company, I can vouch for that). So not sure where's the cultural synergy, but I am sure that can change.

Saying all this, Adobe has a track record of always looking ahead and making good investments (I hope folks remember Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia and its flash technology). I am sure Adobe has plans, but it would be interesting to see them unfurl.

Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

VirtualBox 3.0 released

VirtualBox 3.0 was released yesterday. This new release includes powerful server virtualization capabilities
such as the ability to run large workloads with SMP and up to 32 vCPUs, and support for enhanced 3D graphics.

CNet Recommends VirtualBox Free Desktop Virtualization


"Shoot 'em Up" Demo - OpenGL Game in MS Windows XP on Ubuntu Using VirtualBox 2.1


Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

NetBeans 6.7 released

NetBeans IDE 6.7 offers a compelling set of new features to accelerate application development. The focus of this release is connectivity: helping developers connect to the latest technologies and to each other.

Building on the success of previous releases, NetBeans 6.7 now offers
\* integration with Project Kenai
\* native support for Maven
\* support for GlassFish (v3)
\* issue tracker and Hudson integrations
\* enhancements to Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy and C/C++.
\* support for JavaScript 1.7
\* Ruby remote debugging
\* integration of the Java ME SDK 3.0

To learn more about NetBeans IDE 6.7 please use the following resources:
\* Download NetBeans http://www.netbeans.org/downloads
\* Videos about NetBeans IDE 6.7 http://www.netbeans.org/kb/docs/intro-screencasts.html
\* Features of NetBeans IDE 6.7 http://www.netbeans.org/features/
\* General information about NetBeans: http://www.netbeans.org/

\* NetBeans on twitter http://twitter.com/netbeans

Saturday Jun 27, 2009

President of Brazil supporting OpenSolaris

Here we see President of Brazil, Lula, wearing an  opensolaris hat at FISL and hanging put with opensolaris community in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Isn't this incredible? This gives a new dimension to goverment relations and opensource (expecially opensolaris).


Friday Jun 19, 2009

Nokia launches new smatphone N97

Nokia new smartphone N97 launched with a whooping price tag of $699. Also, it is not tied to a particular carrier. Wow! how good can that be? Check out the specs:


It was supposed to hit the shelves today, however its available from June 30 from Amazon. It's available on Nokia's official site. 

Bad time to launch?
Nokia is launching at a time when Apple 3G 16GB came out and the price on the earlier 8GB version has been drastically reduced. (I wonder if there is an exchange/upgrade option where you don't have to pay through your nose ;) Furthermore, many smart phones are available in the market with a lesser price tag than N97. Is the timing right for Nokia? I don't think so..

Social location?
The N97 also introduces something Nokia calls "social location," which uses the capabilities of the integrated A-GPS sensors and electronic compass to automatically update users' social networks, or let them share their location via photos or videos with friends.
We recently read a post where twittering location or vacation plans led to burglary in a couple's house. In this scenario, how safe is this? Though this shows one's whereabouts to only people in his/her network, but so is the case with twitter!! Food for thought..

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 released

OpenSolaris 2009.06 is out. Check out the fabulous website with updated content on what's new in this release


The new release was launched in community one on June 1st. It kicked off with a keynote session demonstrating Sun's technology. There were some interesting conversation around what Sun is doing in the cloud computing space and why opensolaris is the platform of choice (great demos/talks on ZFS (file system), DTrace, SourceJuicer, Comstar etc).

Many students from all over the world took part in different contests and installed opensolaris on their system.

Stay tuned on what else is happening in Java one..

Download OpenSolaris now: www.opensolaris.com/get

Sunday May 31, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 getting released tomorrow.

Another landmark in OpenSolaris history coming soon, with OpenSolaris 2009.06 being launched tomorrow. If you haven't had a chance to try out OpenSolaris, take a moment and consider it as your platform of choice.

With DTrace, ZFS, Crossbow, Predictive Self healing, Solaris containers, XVM hypervisor, Time Slider etc, OpenSolaris stays at the cutting edge.

And now, OpenSolaris 2009.06 comes to the SPARC platform! Now you can enjoy the benefits of OpenSolaris on all Sun4v based platforms
(UltraSPARC T1 and T2) and Sun4u based platforms (UltraSPARC I, II, III and IV) with an OBP level of 4.17 or greater.

It is supported on hundreds of leading-edge x86 systems from all major vendors and sold by IBM, Dell, HP, Fujtisu (SPARC and x86) other than Sun. OpenSolaris 2009.06 is one of the first platforms to fully support Intel's new Xeon 5500 processor, with substantially increased performance, better power efficiency, improved reliability and cost effective virtualization for x64.

World class support backed by a whooping 33000 employees company (which is going to increase)

 OpenSolaris has a thriving opensource community. To participate in the community, please visit http://forums.opensolaris.com/index.jspa

Stay tuned for the big release tomorrow. Don't forget to visit www.opensolaris.com  at 9am PT tomorrow.

Thursday May 28, 2009

OpenSolaris Live Chat

There was an OpenSolaris chat this morning hosted by marketing and engineering. It was a huge success, with 125000 unique visitors joining it to get their queries resolved. Here is the transcript for those who missed the session:



Neena Pandey


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