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Two Tricks On Using VisualVM

This blog describes two useful tricks on using the VisualVM tool. They won't find a performance bottleneck or memory leak for you but definitely will make using the tool even easier:o)

Doubleclick to invoke default action in the Applications tree!

Each node in the Applications tree can define some actions which are displayed in it's right-click popup menu. There may be one action in the menu which is displayed in bold which means it's a default action. Default action is typically the most useful action for the node and can be invoked immediately by doubleclicking the node or pressing Enter for the selected node. What's this good for? You can easily open an application or Local host using their node, add a new host using the Remote node, add a core dump using the VM Coredumps node or add an application snapshot using the Snapshots node.

Hold down the CTRL key when taking a snapshot to not open it!

By default if you take some kind of snapshot in VisualVM it's immediately opened. Sometimes this is not what you want, maybe you just want to take a heap dump and save it for later investigation. How to suppress the automatic opening of the snapshot? By holding the CTRL key down when invoking the Take Snapshot action. This works for taking the thread dumps, heap dumps, profiler snapshots and application snapshots across the VisualVM UI.

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