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    January 16, 2007

NetBeans Profiler 6.0 Milestone 6

The NetBeans Profiler team would like to announce the availability of the NetBeans Profiler 6.0 Milestone 6. We have been migrating to new Java language infrastructure introduced in NetBeans IDE and skipped Milestone 5. Now we are back with great memory profiling improvements:

  • Take Heap Dump action has been implemented allowing to take dump of the heap easily from the IDE the same way as regular snapshot. This is currently available only for applications running on JDK 1.6 and above.
  • The Profiler automatically detects OutOfMemoryError in profiled application and allows to open heap dump that was created by the JVM during the crash.
  • Compare Memory Snapshots feature has been added to provide quick overview of objects that were created or released between taking snapshots.
  • VM telemetry graphs have been improved to display value of maximum available heap (value of the Xmx parameter) for immediate information that profiled application is close to OutOfMemoryError.

As always, many bugs have been fixed. However, there is one serious issue present in this milestone - the dynamic attach feature doesn't work, it will be restored in Milestone 7. See the summary document for list of all news, bugfixes and download links.

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