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Install NetBeans And Profiler Silently

In 6.0 devbuilds/milestones of NetBeans and Profiler there's a support for a silent installation. This means that you can set install options in a config file and launch the installer without UI and any interaction, working just with the config file.

Here's a simple howto for Windows. First you need to download the installer, let's call it installer.exe for reference. Then invoke following command from command line: installer.exe -options-template installscript.txt. This will create a template for the config file. Edit it to meet your needs and then just invoke the installer again: installer.exe -silent -options installscript.txt. The installation now runs!

Tip: on Windows the automatic installation is asynchronous, invoking installer.exe returns immediately and the installation runs in the background. To start it in a blocking way, use start /w installer.exe <arguments...>.

Here are sample scripts for silent NetBeans and Profiler installation:


    -W license.selection=1
-P installLocation="C:\\Program Files\\NetBeans"
-W jdkselect.jdkHome="C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.5.0"


    -W license.selection=1
-W beanNbSelectionPanel.nbHome="C:\\Program Files\\NetBeans"

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