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Like all other NetBeans development teams, Profiler team has to use mercurial (hg) from February. Since the traffic and number of broken builds in main NetBeans repository is alarming, we asked our release engineering to set up separate NetBeans Profiler mercurial repository called profiler-main and continuous build. We update profiler-main once a day from main-golden. Main-golden is updated from main only if it can be built successfully and the basic set of tests passed. This way we can work on relatively stable build of NetBeans. When fixing bugs we first push changeset to profiler-main and corresponding bug is closed as FIXED in IssueZilla, than the fix is propagated to main and from main finally to main-golden. Corresponding issue is automatically updated with information about public build. If you don't want to wait for fix to be propagated to main-golden you can download NetBeans with fix from our continuous build.

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  • Wendell Nichols Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    I would like to port the native code portion of the profiler to a new platform (or at least investigate the time required to do so). I used mercurial to download the netbeans source but I do not see any of the profiler native code in it.

    How is that source organized and how do I get it?


  • Tomas Hurka Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Just curious - to which platform do you want to port the profiler?

    Profiler native code is in lib.profiler/native/.

    Information about structure of NetBeans repository is available at: http://wiki.netbeans.org/HgHowTos

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