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Exporting Data From Profiler

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Until NetBeans 6.7M3 the only way data could be exported from profiler was through profiler snapshot (.nps). The catch is, that profiler snapshot can't be opened by external applications like spreadsheet or browser. For this reason we decided to add ability to export data to other formats:

  • CSV - For analysis in spreadsheet
  • XML - For automated analysis
  • HTML - For quick and easy visualization in browser

The feature is available for both live results and snapshot for CPU and Memory profiling. In addition the raw data for VM Telemetry graphs can be exported too. It is accessible through the “Export to...” button in toolbar of each view.

Note that for all snapshots the profiler snapshot file (.nps) is always the default choice so there is no need to change workflow in case this feature is not interesting for you.

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  • Akram Tuesday, December 13, 2016


    I have visiualVM 1.8.0 and I don't have this capability of exporting into csv file. How can I add it.



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