Thursday May 28, 2009

JDK 6 Update 14 Includes Latest VisualVM 1.1.1

The just released JDK 6u14 includes the latest version of the VisualVM tool. According to the Release Notes there are many improvements and bugfixes in the tool since the JDK 6u13:

  • CPU usage and GC activity graph in the Monitor tab
  • Table view in the Threads tab
  • Command line options: --openpid, --openjmx, --openfile
  • Compare Memory Snapshots action in the context menu
  • Copy To Clipboard / Save To File buttons in the About dialog
  • Monitoring IBM JVM via JMX connection
  • Based on NetBeans Platform 6.5 and NetBeans Profiler 6.5
  • Faster computation of references, and improved readability of path to GC root in HeapWalker
  • Improved integration of the Visual GC tool
  • List of bugfixes

Note that there's a Java VisualVM Blogging Contest in progress, you can win USD $500 if you try the tool and blog about your experience with it.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest has been announced and started at If you enter the contest and blog about either the opensource VisualVM tool or Java VisualVM tool available in your JDK/bin folder you can win up to USD $500:

Try Java VisualVM for a Chance to Win USD $500!
Java VisualVM is a free tool to monitor, profile, and control Java technology-based applications. Try it and blog about it for a chance to win USD $500. » Get Started Now

The blogging contest starts on April 23rd, 2009 and ends on June 24th, 2009. You can enter the contest using the Submit link on the Blogging Contest page. See more information about the contest in Blogging Contest FAQ, official contest rules are available here.

All the information you need to get started with VisualVM is available in the VisualVM Documentation and Resources, you can also check the Java VisualVM documentation. Useful tips on using the tool are mentioned on NetBeans Profiler (this) Blog, great docs about extending the tool can be found on Geertjan's Blog.

Searching for some inspiration? You can check what the others already wrote about VisualVM. Happy blogging and good luck!

Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

VisualVM 1.1.1 Multi-Language Release

The multi-language version of VisualVM 1.1.1 has been released at The tool has been translated to Japanese (ja) and Simplified Chinese (zh_CN). Also the Introduction to VisualVM (ja, cn) and Getting Started with VisualVM (ja, cn) documents have been translated. The bits are available for download here.

If using appropriate locales in your OS (ja or zh_CN), the tool should start with localized messages automatically. If you don't use one of these locales and still want to use the localized tool, you can use a special command-line switch to start VisualVM:

  visualvm --locale ja
  visualvm --locale zh:CN
If you have already used the not localized VisualVM 1.1.1 tool, you may need to delete the VisualVM user directory (Help | About | Details | Userdir) to have all the strings correctly localized.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

VisualVM 1.1.1 Released

VisualVM 1.1.1 tool has been released at This version delivers several important bugfixes and improves memory monitoring capabilities.


The most significant news are two plugins available on VisualVM 1.1.1 Plugin Center:

  • Memory Sampler plugin: this plugin periodically polls the monitored application and lists classes, instances and live bytes allocated on Heap and PermGen. This is almost the same information as provided by live memory results of the built-in profiler but without any instrumentation and available for multiple applications at the same time. An advantage over the built-in profiler is the possibility to display delta values between the samples. Note that this plugin only works with local Java applications running Sun JDK 6 or 7.
  • Improved Visual GC plugin: the Visual GC tool integration into VisualVM has been improved, the graphs are now displayed in a subtab for each monitored application. It works for both local and remote applications where jvmstat is available (jstatd must be running on remote hosts). Note that this plugin works only with Sun JDK 1.4.2 and newer.

The most important bugfixes are:

  • Issue 233: fixed compatibility problems with JDK 6 Update 12, VisualVM now works correctly with this JDK even without the VisualVM-Extensions plugin.
  • Issue 242: CPU utilization chart in Monitor tab introduced in VisualVM 1.1 has been fixed to display correct values on multiprocessor systems.

To get more information about the tool, download it and start using it, visit the project pages at If you want to provide some feedback to VisualVM developers, let them know on a mailing list.

Thursday Feb 05, 2009

VisualVM Updated To Correctly Recognize JDK 6 Update 12

A problem has been identified in VisualVM this week, the tool is unable to handle the recently released JDK 6 Update 12. It's caused by an updated HotSpot version (11.2), VisualVM doesn't recognize it and fails to detect any running Java application if at least one application is running the 6u12.

Today a fix for this problem has been released for VisualVM 1.1, it's delivered by the VisualVM-Extensions plugin via the Plugin Center. If you haven't installed the plugin yet, use Tools | Plugins | Available Plugins to download and install the plugin. If previous version of the plugin is already installed, you can get the update using Tools | Plugins | Updates. If you cannot connect to the Plugin Center (firewall etc.), you can download the plugin file manually and install it using Tools | Plugins | Downloaded.

In the following days the fix will be available also for the previous VisualVM and Java VisualVM releases. Till then you should use the patched VisualVM 1.1, also the Java VisualVM bundled with JDK 6 Update 12 works fine.

Updated: the fix is now available on Plugin Center for each affected VisualVM / Java VisualVM version.

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

NetBeans Profiler is The Development Utility of The Year 2009

The NetBeans profiler developers are proud to announce that the profiler won the Development Utility category in the Product of the Year 2009 Awards. We would like to thank all of you who voted for the profiler and to all the profiler users for their support!

Moreover, this is also a great success for the VisualVM tool and its users, since it's building on top of the NetBeans profiler and the NetBeans Platform, which won the Development Tool category.

Java VisualVM Screencast

A screencast of the Java VisualVM tool has been published at, direct link to the flash video is here.

If you haven't tried VisualVM yet, this is a great opportunity to see the tool in action. And if you like it, getting started is really easy - it's already in your JDK installation (since JDK 6 Update 7), just launch bin/jvisualvm!

Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Profiler Update in Patch1 for NetBeans IDE 6.5

The recently released Patch 1 for the NetBeans IDE 6.5 delivers several important profiler bugfixes. If you are using the NetBeans profiler, we strongly recommend you to apply this update.

Monday Dec 08, 2008

VisualVM 1.1 Released

New version of the VisualVM tool has been released. VisualVM 1.1 introduces many new features and improvements, extends the API for plugins and delivers a complete JavaDoc documentation. Now integrates with the Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA!


These are the new features of VisualVM 1.1 as mentioned in the Release Notes:

  • Monitoring CPU usage and Garbage Collector activity for each application in the Monitor tab
  • Table view in the Threads tab (introduced by the NetBeans profiler 6.5)
  • Three commandline options to enable using VisualVM as an application or snapshot viewer:
    • --openpid <pid> starts VisualVM if not already running and opens a Java application with the process id
    • --openjmx <hostname:port> starts VisualVM if not already running and opens a Java application defined by a JMX connection
    • --openfile <file> starts VisualVM if not already running and opens a supported file (\*.tdump, \*.hprof, \*.nps, \*.apps)
  • Compare Memory Snapshots action available in Applications window context menu for two selected comparable snapshots
  • About dialog allows to copy configuration information to clipboard and save the logfile to an external file
  • IBM JVM can be monitored by VisualVM using a JMX connection
  • Eclipse integration plugin which starts VisualVM along with the monitored application directly from the IDE
  • Integration with IntelliJ IDEA is already available, see the Profiler Plugin by Esko Luontola
  • Experimental support for HP-UX PA-RISC platform (incl. profiling)

The last significant change is using the latest NetBeans Platform and profiler 6.5 - this means many framework and profiler bugfixes being available also in VisualVM.

VisualVM 1.1 can be downloaded at Feedback to VisualVM developers can be sent using this mailing list. The online JavaDoc documentation can be found here. Note that there's also a Releases Overview page available which lists all VisualVM releases and shows which VisualVM version is included in JDK as Java VisualVM.

Tuesday Dec 02, 2008

JDK 6 Update 11 Comes With Updated Java VisualVM

The JDK 6 Update 11 has been released today, it contains an updated version of the Java VisualVM tool based on the most recent VisualVM 1.0.1. If you are using the Java VisualVM tool we suggest you to get the latest JDK bits at and update your installations. This way you will get the latest VisualVM bugfixes and improvements.

Monday Nov 24, 2008 Product of the Year 2009: Give Us Your Vote!

The Product of the Year 2009 awards are in progress at, you can vote till Monday, December 15, 2008. If you like the NetBeans profiler or VisualVM tool, please give us your vote in the Development Utility of the Year category!

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Released

Today the NetBeans IDE 6.5 has been released at In this version the profiler introduces some new features, the most significant are:

  • Profiler remote packs are generated by the Attach Wizard, no additional downloads are needed for remote profiling
  • HeapWalker tool got significant performance improvements and some usability tweaks
  • Table view has been added to the threads monitor

In the 6.5 release the profiler also adds an experimental support for HP-UX (PA-RISC 32bit, 64bit) and Phone ME Advanced (Windows x86, Linux x86) platforms. Also, almost 100 bugs have been fixed to deliver the best quality product.

A good starting point for new profiler users is the Introduction to Profiling Java Applications in NetBeans IDE document. Experienced profiler users will appreciate the new document describing Profiling Points feature: Using Profiling Points in NetBeans IDE.

To get a general information about the new NetBeans IDE release see the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Release Notes. To get detailed information about new profiler features and bugfixes see the NetBeans profiler 6.5 Release Notes.

Friday Oct 31, 2008

VisualVM in Ubuntu 8.10

The new version of Ubuntu (8.10 aka Intrepid Ibex) was released yesterday. Because I heard of many improvements in this version I immediately got a copy and installed it. The overall impression is awesome! And the best of all - VisualVM is available as an Ubuntu package right from the Canonical repositories.

Just open the Synaptic Manager, type "visualvm" in the quick-search box (btw, this is the best thing since sliced bread ;) and you can install VisualVM with all the dependencies. The download size is quite hefty (cca. 300MB) since it downloads the whole open-jdk, mysql and i-dont-know-what-else but in the end you have full-blown java development environment with the bonus of VisualVM nicely registered under "Applications/Programming/VisualVM" menu shortcut.

What is left now is to port some Ubuntu specific monitoring stuff to VisualVM plugins. Any volunteers? :)

Friday Sep 05, 2008

VisualVM 1.0.1 Released

VisualVM 1.0.1 tool has been released at This is mostly a bugfix release based on the VisualVM 1.0.

According to the Release Notes document these changes have been made:

  • Profiler supports OpenJDK
  • Profiler is silently disabled on unsupported platforms, the rest of the tool can run unaffected
  • Minor improvements of warning messages in the tool and plugins to better describe reported problems
  • New plugins available on the Plugin center: JvmCapabilities, KillApplication, SysTray

To get more information about the tool, download it and start using it, visit the project pages at Information about the new plugins can be found on the Plugins page. If you want to provide some feedback to VisualVM developers, let them know on a mailing list.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta Released

The NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta has been released, read the release information or see the list of all new features. The bits can be downloaded from this link.

The profiler introduces three new features since 6.5 Milestone 1:

  • Table view for threads: new tab in threads monitor displaying all threads of profiled application in a table
  • HeapWalker improvements: significantly improved performance of resolving references to an instance, improved readability of path to GC root
  • Experimental support for HP-UX: profiling should work on HP-UX PA-RISC 32bit and 64bit systems

Also, many bugs have been fixed, you can display the list of issues by clicking this Issue Tracker query.


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