Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Sun Java System ASP 4.0.3 is finally available..

After a long delay, I am finally glad to announce that Sun Java System ASP 4.0.3 is finally available for download.  You can download it from here .  What's new in this release - ASP 4.0.3 addresses some security vulnerabilities besides supporting Web Server 7 as well as Apache 2.2. For more information on this release, check out the Release Notes

Friday Feb 02, 2007

Lightning - Integrating Thunderbird with Sun Java System Calendar Server

So, I am one of the many millions of people, who uses ThunderBird as my E-Mail client for my day to day work. Recently, I decided to give ThunderBird 2.0 Beta 2 a try. WOW , I was impressed with some of the features like 'Back' & 'Forward' - a feature to move between mails just as you would go between back and forth in your browser. You know, what is more cool about ThunderBird 2.0 - though still being in beta, I have had not a single crash so far.

Now, as a logical extension, thanks to this blog , I decided to give the recent versions of Lightning a try, hoping that the recent versions would provide me with a good calendar solution and seamlessly integrate with Sun Java System Calendar Server. So far, things are just working great for me. If you are interested, you can downloads the builds from here . Your mileage might vary though. If you run into issues, do send your comments / feedbacks to the folks mentioned in this blog .

Here is what you do to install these bits

- Download and save the binaries (you will need to download the lightning binaries with 'wcap' support in them) into your local folder. You can do this by selecting the 'Save Link As...' option.
- Alternatively, you can also download the binaries from here by choosing the 'Save Link as' option.
- If you use ThunderBird 2.0, click on Tools-> Add-ons  -> Install  to install this extension.
- Now, go to File -> New -> Calendar . You should get a screen like below. Select the 'Network' option here.

. - Now, you should be presented with a screen like below . Here, you will need to provide the Sun Java System Calendar Server option and then provide the Calendar Server URL (need to begin with https://) click the 'Next' button.

- In the last screen, you will need to provide your Calendar Server Username and password.
- That's all there to it.

Hope this helps

Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 is available...

Well, looks like 2007 is indeed going to be Happy New Year'07 for Sun's Web Server 7.0 development team.

Today, we got a mail from our marketing team that our long awaited release is finally out the door. Am I not glad to share the joy with all of you folks about this release. This release, albeit a bit late, is packed with ton of features. If you haven't already, please take time to look at  What's New in this Release. I am sure, you would love what you see. Well, the most important thing that I personally would like to take back from the whole development experience is the passion that I see from my peers for this product and the attitude to do it right. As I mentioned some time back, I find myself lucky to be amongst such a passionate and expert development group.

Currently, you can get download and use Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 bits (for free) from Sun's "New Downloads" web page. I am sure, with all of your help, we could get this release to the 'Top Downloads' section as well.  For folks, who have been using Sun's Web Server 7.0 Technology Preview 3 - our last technology preview release, time to move towards the released product though you guys have found our product pretty stable and happy with it !.

 For folks, who still wonder as to why do I need another Web Server, here are some of the cool things that you can do with Web Server 7.0

- Get on to Web 2.0 world by developing Web Services and AJAX enabled web sites using NetBeans.  Kindly take time to check out the article Web Services with Web Server 7.0 and Developing AJAX using jMaki with Web Server 7.0

- Supports Wikis for team collaboration. Check out article on deploying MediaWiki with Web Server 7.0 and JSPWiki with Web Server 7.0 - the 2 popular Wiki software out there. Afcourse, there are tons of other Wiki softwares as well. If you need help or have trouble in running or deploying any of them with Sun's Java System Web Server 7.0 (formerly known as Sun ONE Web Server or iPlanet Enterprise Server), please feel free to post to Sun's Software forum - for free help !

- For the kicker - Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, built on top of our previous version, Sun's Java System Web Server 6.1 , which has the SPECweb2005 world record Perf/Watt. You can get all the performance numbers from  here

I do have a couple of favorite features , that I personally love in new release. Web Server 7.0 - Ability to create SSL enabled web sites and the rich & cool command line support for Web Server administration. If in case, you did get a chance to try out this new release, we would like to hear back from you as to what we did right and your favorite features (if any) and what we could have done better ? Hey, there is always another chance - Update releases !

Useful links that you might want to bookmark in your browser

- Web Server 7.0 documentation

- Web Server Software Forum - for free help

- Web Server Technical Articles & BluePrints

- Sun's BigAdmin Collections

Monday Nov 27, 2006

Cool, I was able to succesfully post using Deepest Sender

Cool, I was able to successfully post my blog through Deepest Sender. This is the settings that I had used to get this going
Account Protocol - Metaweblog
Account URL -

As usual, you will need to provide the user name and password that you use to login account. The only caveat being that this client does not recognize the Category option yet. So, you will need to make sure that this checkbox is not selected.

Another cool thing about this client seems to be that this client provides the AutoSave option. So, you don't have to loose your 30 minutes of typing or so, if your browser dies suddenly.

Sunday Nov 26, 2006

Trying my blog from Deepest Sender

Till todate, I have never used a Weblog client for my regular blog postings. Now, when I was about to complete my weblog on an interesting technical topic, as life would have it - my browser crashed and there went all my contents. Sigh :-(

Now, I guess, I need to start looking for a blogging client that can run on varieties of platforms like Linux and Solaris and also have features like Auto Save and can still publish my blogs to Not too much to ask :-)

I guess, after couple of trials, I might have finally hit on something that might be THE ONE. Let us see..

Wednesday Nov 22, 2006

Free Solaris 10 Mediakits

Thought, would share with you folks with what I just learned from one of my peers - For a limited time, Sun is shipping free media kits containing Solaris 10  and Sun Studio 11 software. If either you or your customer is interested in getting a free media kit, check out this link


Sunday Aug 13, 2006

Try Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Beta

Sun's Java Enterprise System(JES) 5 (upcoming release of Sun's middleware stack) Beta program is going to start from 23rd August'2006. If you currently use a version of Sun Java Enterprise or looking forward towards some of the new features in Java Enterprise System 5, then you are more than welcome to try out the middle ware stack. You can participate in this beta program by visiting this url

Some of the major features coming with Java Enterprise System(JES) 5 Beta are :

  • Web Server 7.0
  • Directory Server 6.0
  • Portal Server 7.1
  • Solaris Containers: Sparse Root Zone Support
  • Sun Cluster Geographic Edition
  • Java ES Monitoring
  • Upgrade from previous Java ES releases (on a component-by-component basis)
Most importantly, customers looking forward towards deploying 64-bit version of Sun Java System Web Server along with Portal Server, this would be an excellent oppurtunity


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