Using Nashorn with IntelliJ

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The Nashorn repository already contains a Netbeans project, so that you can seamlessly work with Netbeans as your IDE when using Nashorn.

There are some tricks, for example, the IDE needs to build and access the pre-generated Nasgen classes that represent the builtin JavaScript objects: Array, Date, Number, String etc. These are part of the build step, and are generated if you just execute "ant clean jar" from the command line. Nashorn, furthermore, is now a jimage in Java 9, as part of the JDK modularization process. This makes it a bit tricky to configure an IDE in a straightforward way, so that you can transparently build and develop Nashorn. Not everyone uses Netbeans, however, so one of our third party contributors, Dmitry Alexandrov, has done a great job doing an extensive writeup on how to integrate Nashorn with IntelliJ. 

Thanks a lot Dmitry! This truly rocks. 

The blog post can be found here.

Do we have any volunteers for Eclipse? ;-)

Keep on hacking! 

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  • guest Friday, January 9, 2015

    There seems to be an error in the title, because this post is about Netbeans, not Intellij. Or am I missing something?

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