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I have the honor to be keynoting JAX 2013 on April 25. The Keynote is called "Project Nashorn - and why dynamic languages on the JVM really matter". Exciting enough, surely, but it's not just "dynamic languages on the JVM", as it says in the title, that are becoming more and more important - I will show that it's really "languages on the JVM" that matters too, the JVM has its future as a polyglot runtime regardless of paradigm. Also, we are going to look at Project Nashorn as one good example of the future of the JVM.

There will also be a deep dive session about Nashorn during the conference, currently scheduled later the same day.

 The abstract is "More languages than Java have been implemented on top of the JVM since the very beginning in 1995. The platform independent bytecode format has always made it possible to compile anything and have it run on the JVM with the same write once/run anywhere benefits. Lately we are seeing an explosion in JVM languages. This is partly because of Java 7, which is the first giant leap in turning the JVM from a Java runtime to a true dynamic polyglot runtime. This keynote explains why language implementations, especially dynamic languages, are more feasible to implement on top of the JVM than ever and how the JVM can execute them with high performance. As an example, we will go into detail of the Nashorn project, Oracle's new JavaScript runtime, part of the JDK as of Java 8."

I'll see you there, and hopefully the spring weather in in Rhineland-Palatinate beats the spring weather in Stockholm. Probably not much of a competition, really.

Regards, Marcus 

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