Friday Jun 28, 2013

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 - Overview


MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is the ideal solution for backing up MySQL databases. MEB 3.8.2 is released in June 2013.

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 release’s main goal is to improve usability. With this release, users can know the progress of backup completed both in terms of size and as a percentage of the total. This release also offers options to be able to manage the behavior of MEB in case the space on the secondary storage is completely exhausted during backup.

The progress indicator is a (short) string that indicates how far the execution of a time-consuming MEB command has progressed. It consists of one or more "meters" that measures the progress of the command. There are two options introduced to control the progress reporting function of mysqlbackup command (1) –show-progress (2) –progress-interval.

The user can control the progress indicator by using “--show-progress” option in any of the MEB operations. This option instructs MEB to output periodically short reports on the progress of time-consuming commands. The argument of this option instructs where the output could be sent. For example it could be stderr, stdout, file, fifo and table.

With the “--show-progress” option both the total size of the backup to be copied and the size that’s already copied will be shown. Along with this, the state of the operation for example data or meta-data being copied or tables being locked and other such operations will also be reported. This gives more clear information to the DBA on the progress of the backup that’s happening.

Interval between progress report in seconds is controlled by “--progress-interval” option.

For more information on this please refer progress-report-options.

MEB can also be accessed through GUI from MySQL WorkBench’s next version. This can be used as the front end interface for MEB users to perform backup operations at the click of a button. This feature was highly requested by DBAs and will be very useful. Refer for WorkBench upcoming release info.

Along with the progress report feature some of the important issues like below are also addressed in MEB 3.8.2.

  • In MEB 3.8.2 a new command line option “--on-disk-full” is introduced to abort or warn the user when a backup process encounters a full disk condition. When no option is given, by default it would abort.

  • A few issues related to “incremental-backup” are also addressed in this release. Please refer 3.8.2 documentation for more details. It would be good for MEB users to move to 3.8.2 to take incremental backups.

Overall the added usability and the important defects fixed in this release makes MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 a promising release.


Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 has been released!

MySQL Enterprise Backup v3.8.2, a maintenance release of online MySQL backup tool, is now available for download from My Oracle Support  (MOS) website as our latest GA release.  It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in approximately 1-2 weeks. A brief summary of the changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup version 3.8.2 is given below.

  A. Functionality Added or Changed: 

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup has a new --on-disk-full command line option. mysqlbackup could hang when the disk became full, rather than detecting the low space condition. mysqlbackup now monitors disk space when running backup commands, and users can now specify the action to take at a disk-full condition with the --on-disk-full option. For more details, refer this page
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup has a new progress report feature, which periodically outputs short progress indicators on its  operations to user-selected destinations (for example, stdout, stderr, a file, or other choices). For more details on progress report options, refer here

  B. Bugs Fixed:

  • When --innodb-file-per-table=ON, if a table was renamed and backup-to-image was in progress, apply-log would fail when being run on the backup. (Bug #16903973) 
  •  MySQL Server failed to start after a backup was restored if  there had been online DDL transactions on partitioned tables during the time of backup. (Bug #16924499) 
  • apply-incremental-backup might fail with an assertion error if  the InnoDB tables being backed up were created in Barracuda format and with their KEY_BLOCK_SIZE  values  different from the innodb_page_size . This fix ensures that different KEY_BLOCK_SIZE  values are handled properly during incremental backup and apply-incremental-backup operations. 
  • If a table was renamed following a full backup, a subsequent incremental backup could copy the .frm file with the new name, but not the associated .ibd file with the new name. After a  restore, the InnoDB data dictionary could be in an  inconsistent state. This issue primarily occurred if the table  was not changed between the full backup and the subsequent  incremental backup. Bug #16262690)
  •  After a full backup, if a table was renamed and modified,  apply-incremental-backup would crash when run on the backup directory. (Bug #16262609)
  • The value of the binary log position in backup_variables.txt  could be different from the output displayed during the   backup-and-apply-log operation. (This issue did not occur if  the backup and apply-log steps were done separately.) (Bug  #16195529)
  • When using the --only-innodb-with-frm option, MySQL Enterprise Backup tried to create temporary files at unintended locations in the file system, which might cause a failure when, for example, the user had no write privilege for those locations.   This fix makes sure the paths for the temporary files are  correct. (Bug #14787324)
  •  A backup process might hang when it ran into an LSN mismatch between a data file  and the redo log. This fix makes sure the process does not hang and it displays an error message showing the  name of the problematic data file (Bug #14791645)

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MEB Team

Monday Jun 17, 2013

MySQL Camp at Bangalore - 19 June

As promised we are back with the 2nd edition of Bangalore MySQL User camp this Wednesday 19 June.

As requested we are going into the details of InnoDB and Performance Schema.

See the details here:!topic/bangalore-mysql-user-camp/gnqGPLKDB0s

Venue remains the same as last time : 

Our Kalyani Magnum Office behind Apollo hospital on the Bannerghatta road

Time - 5PM-6PM

Don't miss the chance to meet the MySQL engineering team at Bangalore and learn internals of MySQL.

Hope to see you there.




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