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  • November 13, 2014

You can use MySQL for Visual Studio in Visual Studio 2013 Community edition

A lot a great announcements were done today at the Visual Studio Connect event. And one of the things we are more excited about is hearing that there is a new edition of Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2013 Community.

This edition was launched today and it basically replaces the very limited Visual Studio Express version that has been around since some years ago. There is a huge difference between Visual Studio Express and the, just launched today, Visual Studio 2013 Community edition: The new version is extensible, so now you can add third party plugins. So that means that you can use this new Visual Studio Community edition along with MySQL for Visual Studio without any restrictions.

Some of the features that you have within this MySQL product are:

  • Server Explorer integration: Tools available to create, edit, query and backup any MySQL database.
  • MySQL Editor: A MySQL script editor with intellisense and syntax coloring.
  • MySQL Routine debugger: A fully Visual Studio integrated debugger that works with the same commands and facilities provided in the Visual Studio application debugger.
  • MySQL Database Export tool: A GUI that eases the creation of a MySQL dump files inside Visual Studio.
  • Entity Framework Designer supported: A new ADO.NET Entity Model can be created for any existing MySQL database or a MySQL database creation script can be generated from an existing Entity Model. Also it supports Entity Framework versions 5.0 and 6.0 with the respective Connector/Net driver.
  • Web configuration tool: A quick and easy way to configure the MySQL web providers for any Web application that uses a MySQL database connection.
  • MySQL toolbar: A toolbar inside the Visual Studio environment that contains the most common used features of this product, like Database Export, New MySQL Editor or Debug MySQL Routine. 

To start downloading MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.3 GA click here

Image 1 - Adding a Connection in Visual Studio 2013 Community edition 

Image 2 - Creating a new MySQL project in Visual Studio 2013 Community edition

Here are some links that can help you getting started with MySQL for Visual Studio:

Looking forward to read any feedback or comments you might have using MySQL for Visual Studio on this new Visual Studio Community edition.

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Hope you found this information useful.

Happy MySQL/.Net coding!

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