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    October 20, 2008

Using NetBeans with MySQL

Stefan Hinz
MySQL Documentation Manager

MySQL University :-)The next MySQL University session will take place this Thursday, 23rd October. David Van Couvering will show how to use NetBeans with MySQL.

Note that this session will start at 9:00 Pacific Time (18:00 CET, 17:00 BST).

this session, we'll use a new presentation system that we hope will
make things much easier for both presenters and attendees: Dimdim (www.dimdim.com).
If it works out as expected, Dimdim will replace our current
presentation system which required attendees to open a browser, connect
to an IRC channel on Freenode, and open some fancy URL with a voice
streaming application. With Dimdim, all that needs to be done is point
your browser to a URL, and that's it. Here is the URL for this Thursday's meeting. The
Attendee Pass Code is 783326.

all you need to know. You may register a Dimdim account, but that's
required only for setting up meetings. Even presenters don't have to
register. Dimdim provides an international dial-in number if you don't
have web access (712-432-6139), but just listening in probably doesn't
make sense for MySQL University sessions.

requires a web browser with a current Flash plugin. We'll probably get
some flak for requiring Flash, but after all that plugin is ubiquitous
(installed on at least 98% of all browsers) and works fairly well on
most operating system. So far, we've tested with Mac OS X and Linux,
and Dimdim worked remarkably well regarding sound quality and desktop
sharing. It also has an integrated chat function.

far, we've run tests with up to 5 people per Dimdim session. This
Thursday we're curious to see how this works out in "real life". Some
things we've noticed while testing:

  • Presenters should have a good headset and microphone.
  • When
    speaking, you shouldn't be on a Wifi connection with a dozen other
    access points in the neighborhood deteriorating the effective
    throughput. I was, and the result was that my voice sounded like a
    robot (others said I sounded like a dwarf rolling downhill in a metal
    barrel). Sound reception was still marvelous for me, though.
  • Don't
    trust the CPU usage reported by top. On all our laptop computers (Linux
    and Mac OS X) top reported weird values. For me, CPU usage was up to
    189% (what's > 100% CPU usage supposed to be, anyway?). Still,
    switching between applications was smooth, and the laptop fans didn't
    speed up or anything. One of the testers (on 64-bit Linux) reported
    that Dimdim was "grilling" his CPU, though.
  • If you're a presenter and want to share your desktop,
    you'll have to be on Windows or Mac OS X, because for desktop sharing
    Dimdim requires a browser plugin that's not available on other
    platforms. I've attended a Dimdim tutorial session and asked about a
    plugin for Linux. The presenter (from the Dimdim staff) said it's on
    their agenda.

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