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Top Blog Posts about MySQL 8.0.21

As with any new releases, MySQL 8.0.21 introduces many new improvements and updates, many of which deserve their own blog post for a deep dive into the new features.  Among the notable changes are: Account Management Notes, JSON Notes, Authentication Notes and changes related to InnoDB, Optimizer, Group Replication, and more.

Here are the MySQL 8.0.21 top blog posts:

- The MySQL 8.0.21 Maintenance Release is Generally Available
- MySQL 8.0 – Who stopped mysqld and how long did it take?
- MySQL: who’s filling my error log?

- MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 1: Demo! 
- MySQL Shell Dump & Load part 2: Benchmarks 

- PHP With MySQL: JSON_VALUE() now in MySQL 8.0.21 

- MySQL – Keep an eye on your auto_increment values 

- MySQL 8.0.21 Replication Enhancements 
- More Robust Network Partition Handling in Group Replication 
- START GROUP_REPLICATION can now take recovery credentials as parameters 
- Group Replication SYSTEM messages in the error log
- Specify Recovery IP Addresses in Group Replication 
- MySQL Group Replication – Default response to network partitions has changed
- You Can Now Use Binary Log Checksums with Group Replication

Help with MySQL and Data for PHP Developers 

MySQL 8.0 Certifications  

community blogs:
- MySQL 8.0.21: thank you for the contributions
- Changes that I like in the new MySQL 8.0.21 

Download MySQL 8.0.21 nowhttps://www.mysql.com/downloads/ 

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