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  • June 4, 2013

Testing MEB impact over MySQL Server features

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MySQL SystemQA: Testing MEB impact over MySQL Server features:

SysQA team is responsible to test the MySQL Enterprise backup at a
system level. Along with the System testing , SysQA team worked on
MEB impact over MySQL Server features to ensure the new version of
MySQl server is compatible with latest release of MEB.

we do.

Analyse each Server feature and findout if that impacts MEB.

Run an Automated test that integrates the server functionalities
along with MEB. The test is done in parallel with running server

Run the feature at each level of MEB run and verify if it works fine.

Run the feature at different boundary conditions and verify the

we Did.

Created a MultiThreaded program to run the MEB and Server feature in

Run different transactions along with the server feature and run
backup. Restore the backup and - Start a MySQL server with the
restored data.

Verify the data against the original data directory.


Server Feature:
Online alter

Created different online alter scenarios (with boundary conditions)
and prepared a SQL file.

- Included the same in the Program.

Modify the parameter of the program to trigger the Transactions at
certain point of MEB run.(run the transactions when the backup
command starts copying the table impacted)

Check if backup is successful

Restore the new data directory and start a server.

Check if the transactions are updated in the table.


load integration with the automation script to ensure the MEB works
with new server features.

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