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Profiling mysqld on windows

Profiling mysqld on windows using visual studio 2012 profiler tool (vsperfcmd) Recently, when I was doing performance assessment of one innodb feature using sysbench standard tool then I observed performance drop in the feature.I had some hands on experience with codeanalyst (AMD's tool) so I did sampling profiling. I attached profiler vsperf to mysqld when sysbench client was doing transaction with some concurrent threads and captured the data for 1 minute.Just for...

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Welcome to MySQL Testing blog

Welcome to the MySQL system testing blog. I manage the MySQL System testing team at Oracle. I have about 20+ years experience in managing development and testing teams, including 14 years at Oracle. I  have been with MySQL team for more than 5 years now. We are responsible for  testing and qualifying MySQL product releases. We develop, maintain and support test tools and test infrastructure used within MySQL engineering.  Our goal is to  helpin improving the quality of the...

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MySQL University: The Spider Storage Engine

This Thursday (October 15th, 13:00 UTC), Giuseppe Maxia will present the Spider Storage Engine. Here's from the abstract: Everybody needs sharding. Which is not easy to maintain. Being tied to the application layer, sharding is hard to export and to interact with. The Spider storage engine, a plugin for MySQL 5.1 and later, solves the problem in a transparent way. It is an extension of partitioning. Using thisengine, the user can deal transparently with multiple backends...

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Setting up LVM on Suse Linux

You can do all sorts of magic with LVM, like backing up MySQL using file system snapshots, but in order to do so you need to set it first. When installing a new computer with Suse Linux I found that this was harder than expected, unless you know what to do. Needless to say, I didn't, but some friends gave me a hand on IRC, and now I do. :-) So I wrote a little article about this which you can find here, in an effort to save others some time. The article is about setting up...

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MySQL University: Starring Sakila - A Data Warehouse Mini-Tutorial

This Thursday (July 2nd, 13:00 UTC), Roland Bouman will will take the Sakila sample database and explain how to design and load a data warehouse for it, and how to use that to create those reports and charts that make managers smile. Along the way, he'll explain often uttered terms and concepts such as dimensional model, denormalization, star schema, OLAP, data staging, business intelligence, ETL and data integration. Roland's session is titled Starring Sakila - A Data...

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MySQL University Thu 30 Oct

The next MySQL University session will take place this Thursday, 30th October. Giuseppe Maxia will get you up to speed with using MySQL Sandbox for quick and easy testing of MySQL. This session will start at 15:00 Central European Time (14:00 UTC, 14:00 BST). MySQL University is an educational program run virtually on the 'net. Sessions are open to anyone. MySQL University focuses on MySQL internals and on Sun technology that can be used in connection with MySQL, but we're...

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