MySQL and HeatWave

  • January 14, 2020


New Year 2020 and New Product Release.  The MySQL Development team just released the new MySQL 8.0.19 version.  

The new generally available version can be downloaded at dev.mysql.com. In addition to bug fixes, a few new features made it into the release. 

You can download 8.0.19 from dev.mysql.com or from the MySQL  Yum,  APT, or SUSE repositories. The source code is available at GitHub. You can find the full list of changes and bug fixes in the 8.0.19 Release Notes. Here are the highlights. Enjoy!

Among what's new: New InnoDB ReplicaSet, and major improvements in Router, SQL, Optimizer, Information Schema, Security, InnoDB, Replication, X-Protocol MTR testsuite, and more.

Read the feature details: https://mysqlserverteam.com/the-mysql-8-0-19-maintenance-release-is-generally-available/

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Announcing MySQL Server 8.0.19, 5.7.29 and 5.6.47





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