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New MySQL Administrator Training on MySQL 5.6

Get the most out of the great new release, MySQL 5.6, by taking the MySQL for Database Administrators training course.

During this 5 day instructor-led course you configure replication between multiple instances, design advanced replication topologies and recover from replication, network, or hardware failure taking advantage of MySQL 5.6 replication performance.

You also gain knowledge on the following:

Set up the Server and Databases

This course teaches you how to install, configure, maintain and tune databases for a wide variety of workloads and environments. You will install and configure MySQL and set appropriate configuration options. You will also connect to the server, using both graphical and command-line clients, while creating and populating databases.

Maintain and Secure Data

Expert Oracle instructors will also help you examine the structure of tables, their columns and data types and the different ways to check and repair tables. You will learn to program MySQL stored routines, events and triggers to process data in complex and automated ways. Explore how to partition tables, work with locking and transactions as well as the key features of InnoDB and other storage engines. You will develop an understanding of how data is processed, stored, and retrieved.

Configure for Performance

To help prevent and handle failures, this course teaches you to tune databases. Learn to choose and set the most appropriate options, while performing logical and physical backups.

Learn by Doing

Extensive hands-on practices guide you through each concept. You will install MySQL products, partition data, check and repair tables, perform backups and configure replication, create secured users and enable SSL security, and much more. Explore real-world problems and discover best practices as you work with the tools and techniques used by professional MySQL database administrators.

You can take this class as a live-virtual offering where there is no travel involved or as an in-class offering by traveling to an education center.

For full information on the authentic MySQL Curriculum go to http://oracle.com/education.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    According to the links that you provide, this class is not currently available. I also called Oracle and the customer service rep said it is not available. She did not know when the class will be offered.

    Can you say when it will be offered?

  • Antoinette O'Sullivan Wednesday, February 27, 2013

    This course is currently going through final production and will soon be available in classrooms. To influence the events put on the schedule, please register your interest on the Oracle University Website: http://oracle.com/education/mysql.

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