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New Data Import feature in MySQL Database Service

Airton Lastori
MySQL Product Manager

The MySQL Engineering team is proud to announce the Data Import feature in MySQL Database Service (MDS) and HeatWave.

The new Data Import enables faster and easier migrations to the MySQL Database Service. You can migrate from virtually any MySQL source, like AWS RDS/Aurora or MySQL on-premise, and from different versions, including 8.0, 5.7, or 5.6, directly to MySQL Database Service.

To migrate your existing MySQL databases, you perform two easy steps, in sequence or in parallel:

  1. Use MySQL Shell to export data from an existing MySQL source into an OCI Object Storage bucket;
  2. In MDS, create a new MySQL DB System referencing the bucket using a Pre-Authenticated Request (PAR). The data is imported automatically!

Together with MySQL Shell, MDS Data Import functionality dramatically reduces the time and complexity of migrations.

MySQL Shell for the data dump

  • The dump process can be highly parallelized using multiple threads.
  • Only a single command is required to dump data into OCI Object Storage.
  • Compatibility transformations are available if necessary. 

MDS built-in Data Import

  • Automatically sets MySQL configurations for high-performance data ingestion.
  • Directly accessible in the web Console while creating a new DB System.
  • Generates the Object Storage PAR with a single click if necessary.
  • Can start to load data into MDS even if the dump is still in progress.
  • Ensures the data load is complete and correct before you start using the DB System.

The best part of all is that you don’t need to think about it. MySQL Database Service handles the complexity for you.

To get started, we recommend importing an existing MySQL database into the MySQL Database Service. We also recommend trying HeatWave for 400x query acceleration for MySQL.

You can go to oracle.com/cloud/free and create your free account in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Check the documentation for quick steps to create your first MySQL DB System with HeatWave and importing and exporting data.

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