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    September 15, 2011

New Commercial Extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Guest Author

MySQL 5.5 GA and MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Releases have delivered many new compelling features to the MySQL users and community for testing, feedback and use.

In addition, commercial customers have access to a number of commercial extensions already included in MySQL Enterprise Edition:

•    MySQL Enterprise Monitor
•    MySQL Enterprise Backup

Continuing the business model of MySQL, we are adding three new commercial extensions to MySQL Enterprise Edition:

  • MySQL Enterprise Scalability
    • Thread Pool
  • MySQL Enterprise High Availability
    • Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition
    • Windows Clustering for MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Enterprise Security
    • External Authentication for PAM
    • External Authentication for Windows

MySQL Enterprise Scalability: Thread Pool

To meet the sustained performance and scalability of ever increasing user, query and data loads MySQL Enterprise Edition provides thread pooling.  Thread Pool provides a highly scalable thread-handling model designed to reduce overhead in managing client connections and statement execution threads. The result is improved scalability and sustained performance for high-traffic online applications that service ever-growing numbers of client connections.  Thread Pool is a user configurable option that provides an efficient, alternate thread-handling model designed to fully exploit the processing power of today’s multi-core systems.  MySQL internal SysBench OLTP benchmarks show that the Thread Pool provides a significant improvement in sustained performance and scalability for applications that service a high number of concurrent connections, specifically on 16-core and higher systems.

Learn more and review the MySQL internal SysBench OLTP benchmarks.

MySQL Enterprise High Availability

MySQL Enterprise Edition offers a range of solutions for database high availability, to automatically detect and recover from failures, as well as minimize downtime resulting from scheduled maintenance activities.

Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition - Ensures rapid deployment and helps eliminate configuration efforts and risks by providing a pre-installed and pre-configured virtualized software image, taking advantage of Oracle VM’s features to deliver high availability.

Windows Server Failover Clustering for MySQL Enterprise Edition - With the certification and support of MySQL with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC), organizations can safely deploy business-critical applications demanding high levels of availability, powered by MySQL Enterprise Edition and using native Windows clustering services.

Learn more about these new MySQL Enterprise Edition features.

MySQL Enterprise Security

MySQL 5.5 introduced a pluggable authentication API that allows users to be authenticated using external libraries, directories, etc.  Developers can use this API to build their own custom modules that integrate MySQL into an existing security infrastructure.  MySQL Enterprise Edition leverages this same API to provide ready to use external authentication modules that authenticate users via Pluggable Authentication Modules (“PAM”) or native Windows OS services.  Each is described below:

External Authentication for PAM - Enables you to configure MySQL to use PAM to authenticate users on LDAP, Unix/Linux, Kerberos, and other systems.

External Authentication for Windows – Enables you to configure MySQL to use native Windows services to authenticate client connections.  Users who have logged in to Windows can connect from MySQL client programs to the server based on the token information in their environment without specifying an additional password.

Learn more about these new MySQL Enterprise Edition features and the technical details of the MySQL 5.5 pluggable authentication API.


Existing commercial customers who are entitled to a MySQL Enterprise Edition subscription can log into MyOracleSupport: and download these immediately.
For others who want to try these new capabilities, we will make them available shortly, via the 30 day
free trial of MySQL Enterprise Edition

As always, thanks for your continued support of MySQL!

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