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MySQL Performance Tuning Course Updated for 5.7

Mark Lewin
MySQL Curriculum Developer

MySQL Performance Tuning course, edition 4

We've been busy in the MySQL Curriculum team and are pleased to announce the recent update of the MySQL Performance Tuning course.

This course has been substantially revised to take advantage of the performance enhancements available in MySQL 5.7, including new Performance Schema instrumentation and improvements in InnoDB and the Query Optimizer.

Even more so than in previous versions of the course, we try to filter out what's "nice to know" and focus on the really important configuration settings that can make the most positive impact on your server workload. We provide more in-depth coverage and practice of using system databases like Performance Schema/sys and graphical tools like MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Workbench that can help you identify performance bottlenecks and be proactive about resolving them before they start to become a major issue for your users. We also cover the use of Oracle tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager with the MySQL plugin and SQL Developer, for those DBAs already familiar with these tools. As always, the emphasis is on "learning by doing", so you'll find a whole range of activities that help to reinforce the knowledge you gain in the lectures.

Taught by expert MySQL DBAs, this course teaches you everything you need to know to get the most out of your databases. Find out more at on the Oracle University website.

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