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  • March 10, 2014

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.10.0-What's New

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MySQL Enterprise Backup team is proud to announce the new release of MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.10.0.

Security of backups and usability of backup tools form an important factor in taking successful backups. DBAs prefer to have tools that would help them in backup and restore without much overhead and also to help keep their backups protected. So in this release of MEB we have enhanced usability and added provision to take secured backups. In addition to this we have also provided enhancements to compressed backup.

Product New Features

MEB 3.10.0 is a major release with the following valuable features.



Improved Compressed Backup

Multiple Compression Options

Encrypted Backup


Exclude tables from backup


Validate backup dir or image

Data Integrity

Streaming restore of partial backup


  • Improved Compressed Backup
    -  Multiple compression algorithms added for users to select, while taking compressed backups
    -  LZ4, http://code.google.com/p/lz4 -   Extremely Fast Compression algorithm, made as default for compressed backups which yield better results when I/O is efficient
    -  LZMA, algorithm added to provide the highest compression ratio
    -  ZLIB, MEB’s older compression algorithm also retained as an option to select

  • Encrypted Backup
    -  Backups need to be secured, as nowadays they are stored in public cloud or in remote servers that are less trusted
    -  Encrypted backup helps in preventing backup being an easy vector to gain access to data in cyber attacks
    -  In this release we have introduced options to encrypt a single file backup

  • Exclude Tables
    -  DBAs often face with the challenge of doing frequent backup and restore of certain data efficiently
    -  Exclude Tables feature helps in leaving out some unimportant or larger tables while doing the backup
    -  This provides excellent ease of use for administrators as they don’t have to specify every single table they wanted to backup

  • Validate backup dir and image
    -  Backups to be validated for any corrupted data pages before they are restored
    -  This feature validates each page of the Innodb data file in the backup directory or image file for its checksum
    -  Checks the data integrity of the backup

  • Streaming restore of partial backup
    -  In this release we support single step restore of partial backup taken with use-tts option
    -  MEB can take selective backups of Innodb tables and now restore it to another running server seamlessly

  • Other Enhancements
    Cleaner interface for Partial Backups:   Easier to use options  –include-tables and –exclude-tables are added in this release so that some of the not-so intuitive options –include and –databases of partial backup are now made as legacy options.
    MEB Documentation Guide:   Improved usability of the documentation by providing a master list of all command line options and references from there to the option descriptions.
    -  When using the –skip-unused-pages option for backup operations, MySQL Enterprise Backup now displays the number of pages of data skipped and  the total amount of space saved by using the option.
    -  Many other important bugs are also addressed in this release. Please check the change log.

For a detailed overview on the above features please refer 3.10.0 documentation.
Supported Platforms:  MEB 3.10.0 is supported  on Windows, Oracle Enterprise Linux, RHEL 4, 5, SLES 10,11, Solaris 10/11 Sparc and X86.
MEB 3.10.0 is now available in My Oracle Support and will soon be available in Oracle Cloud Delivery.

Overall the much awaited MEB 3.10.0 release comes out with an enriched feature set.

We also plan to provide you with more detailed and interesting blogs of the above features.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Daniël van Eeden Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    What about support for RHEL6 and OEL6?

  • Priya Jayakumar Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Yes supported on RHEL6 and OEL6.

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