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    March 17, 2009

MySQL documentation available on docs.sun.com now

Stefan Hinz
MySQL Documentation Manager

We're proud to announce that significant parts of the MySQL documentation are available on docs.sun.com now, including the MySQL 5.0 Manual, the MySQL 5.1 Manual, the MySQL 6.0 Manual, and the MySQL Enterprise Monitor documentation.

Big deal? Well, certainly for us, the MySQL Documentation Team. This marks a big step forward towards making MySQL visible as software offered by Sun Microsystems. The reason for publishing our documentation in two places (the MySQL Developer Zone and the Sun documentation home) is to make MySQL more visible and the docs easily accessible for Sun customers who are used to finding documentation in the "traditional" place on docs.sun.com.  At the same time, we were anxious not to break anything for MySQL users and customers who are used to their "traditional" site, the MySQL Developer Zone.

And, of course, we didn't want the documentation to deviate in those two places, so we had to find a way of synchronizing it in an automated fashion. Achieving this proved to be harder than anticipated. People tried to talk us into doing updates manually (no way!), and it took some time to find out how to do this using a command-line tool and crontab. Well, we're finally there, thanks to Martin "MC" Brown's fabulous work (he's even managed to blog about this faster than I). Thanks also to Sue Kober and Mimi Tam who explained the command-line publishing interface to us, and to Jeff Gardiner who pointed us to the right people to talk to!

The main resource for finding all MySQL documentation remains the documentation library on the MySQL Developer Zone,  though. You'll find all documentation handled by the MySQL Documentation Team there, including a great variety of formats for download. Also, the documentation on the MySQL Developer Zone has all the latest edits (it's updated multiple times each day), while the docs.sun.com  documentation is updated once per day (which is still good enough I believe).

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