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  • April 25, 2019

MySQL Community Contributor Award Program 2019

Lenka Kasparova
MySQL Community Manager

We would like to announce that MySQL Community Team 2019 MySQL Contributor Reward Program winners. This award started in 2015 to identify & reward the most active community members from the MySQL Community world. MySQL Community Team let printed a limited edition of “MySQL Community Contributor” t-shirts which were already distributed to almost all winners.

Same as in 2015 also now specific criteria for the nominations were wet as follows:

  1. The most active code contributor
  2. Bug reporter
  3. The most active MySQL blogger
  4. People who plays very active role in translation/documentation of MySQL articles
  5. People who provides feedback on DMR releases, Labs releases, or change proposals
  6. Anyone in the community who worked their butt off or did really useful work that you feel should be thanks publicly

We are happy to announce that the people below successfully met one or more criteria above, were nominated by MySQL group and approved by our committee, please join us to congratulate to them!

  • Laurynas Biveinis for a lot of code contributions & bug submissions
  • Daniel Black for multiple of his code contributions & bug submissions
  • René Cannaò for ProxySQL & for his continuous support of it
  • Vin Chen @Tencent Games CROS DBA Team for the Instant Add Column as a main contribution to MySQL 8.0
  • Daniel Van Eeden, the MySQL ACE for a lot of code contributions in a lot of areas (connectors, the server, etc.), and the detailed feedback for the bugs or issues he found
  • Gabriela D'Ávila Ferrara for interesting blogs about MySQL
  • Bill Karwin for his active role on many MySQL forums (MySQL, Stack Overflow, Quora, &c.), as well as for multiple speeches focusing on all things SQL
  • Alexey Kopytov for the new Sysbench code (the #1 tool for MySQL Performance evaluation)
  • Felix Liang @Tencent Games CROS DBA Team for his active role in ACMUG (Chinese MySQL User Group) and contributions to the Instant Add Column in MySQL 8.0 
  • Tomita Masahiro for supporting MySQL community and for the MySQL Parameters tool
  • Giuseppe Maxia for the amazing feedback provided to us, for his blog posts & for dbdeployer
  • Simon Mudd for his active role in Madrid MySQL UG and, for a number of bugs submitted, for contributing the original logging to syslog, and other tools such ps-top
  • Shlomi Noach for delivering open source solutions to solve cases around MySQL and for multiple MySQL talks as well as for the tooling within the MySQL space, such as MySQL orchestrator and ghOST
  • Zsolt Parragi for a lot of code contributions & bug submissions
  • Alex Rubin for extensive testing of our new DD code and for bug submissions
  • Sveta Smirnova for popularization of MySQL Performance Schema, general MySQL troubleshooting and promoting new mysql features
  • Yura Sorokin for a lot of code contributions & bug submissions
  • Sugu Sougoumarane for running Vitess.io and helping the users on multiple places
  • Peter Zaitsev for his active role in MySQL world as well as for his contributions to MySQL Community

Please join us to congratulate to all above!   

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