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MySQL Cluster 7.6 is now Generally Available

Mike Frank
Product Management Director

      Bernd Ocklin | MySQL Cluster Engineering Director

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the 7.6 release of MySQL Cluster is GA and now ready for prime time. 

MySQL Cluster is a distributed database combining linear scalability and high availability. An ultra-high speed database, MySQL Cluster provides in-memory real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed data sets designed for highly available mission critical applications.

MySQL Cluster’s shared nothing architecture delivers an incredible 99.9999% availability and is used within the core of systems that serve billions of mobile phone users, leading online-games and high demand web services. 

This new MySQL Cluster 7.6 version is all about supporting and optimizing performance on the latest off the shelf hardware, increasing its ability to both scale up on ever performant hardware and scale out within and across data centers, while at the same time increasing ease of use and lowering maintenance overhead. MySQL Cluster 7.6 now enables databases sizes beyond tens of Terabytes on modern hardware and with awareness and optimization for cloud infrastructures. 

MySQL Cluster’s disk recovery system has undergone a complete redesign, dramatically improving restart and recovery times by up to 4x. A host of algorithms in version 7.6 have greatly improved concurrency and load balancing making optimized use of all hardware resources available. New and improved parallel query processing runs distributed cross-shard (partitioned) joins often doubling performance. 

To make it simpler to move data into the MySQL Cluster we have added a new import tool, designed to load massive data files in cluster at maximum parallel speed, increases your ability to blast data into your MySQL Cluster Databases. New inter node connectors move traffic between co-located nodes from the network stack to faster shared memory, significantly improving performance by lowering latency. Availability domains now make cluster cloud infrastructure topology aware allowing for seamless optimal query routing.

To learn more about the features added please check  https://mysqlhighavailability.com/mysql-cluster-7-6-is-ga

 Download Now >>  https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/cluster/ 

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