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MySQL Cluster 7.6 is now Generally Available

      Bernd Ocklin | MySQL Cluster Engineering Director It gives us great pleasure to announce that the 7.6 release of MySQL Cluster is GA and now ready for prime time.  MySQL Cluster is a distributed database combining linear scalability and high availability. An ultra-high speed database, MySQL Cluster provides in-memory real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed data sets designed for highly available mission critical applications. MySQL...

Friday, June 1, 2018 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

MySQL Documentation: Indexes in Release Notes

We've recently made a change "in the background", adding an index to each of our release note documents. For an (ample) example, look at the MySQL 5.7 release notes' index page. The index should make it a lot easier for users to spot (and track) changes of particular features throughout the versions of a MySQL release series (for example, MySQL 5.7 or 8.0). Release note indexes are automatically updated as new changelogs are created; this is one of the advantages of our highly...

Thursday, June 29, 2017 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

MySQL Cluster 7.5 Is Now GA!

The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the immediate availability of the MySQL Cluster 7.5.4 GA release!   The development focus has been on improving overall performance and ease of use, combined with improved SQL support and the introduction of read optimized and fully replicated tables, all of which allow for better support of a variety of use cases.  Use Case: Hadoop Performance Records Smashed by Hops and MySQL Cluster--delivers over 1.2 million operations...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

Big Fish Selects MySQL Cluster for Real-Time Web Recommendations

The world's largest producer of casual games has selected MySQL Cluster to power its real-time recommendations platform. High velocity data ingestion, low latency reads, on-line scaling and the operational simplicity delivered by MySQL Cluster has enabled Big Fish to increase customer engagement and deliver targeted marketing, providing a more personalized experience to its users. You can read the full Big Fish Games and MySQL Cluster case study here - and a summary below BUSINES...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR2: Increasing Developer Flexibility and Simplicity

Highlights: Foreign Keys, NoSQL JavaScript Connector, MySQL 5.6 and Auto-Tuned Clustering The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the immediate availability of the second MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Milestone Release (DMR) Some might call MySQL Cluster 7.3 “the foreign keys release” – and sure enough it is a major engineering achievement to build a distributed database that enforces referential integrity across a shared-nothing cluster, while maintaining ACID...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

MySQL Cluster Tutorial: NoSQL JavaScript Connector for Node.js

This tutorial has been authored by Craig Russell and JD Duncan The MySQL Cluster team are working on a new NoSQL JavaScript connector for MySQL. The objectives are simplicity and high performance for JavaScript users: - allows end-to-end JavaScript development, from the browser to the server and now to the world's most popular open source database - native "NoSQL" access to the storage layer without going first through SQL transformations and parsing. Node.js is a complete web...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | MySQL Cluster | Read More

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