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MySQL at several conferences in EMEA

Lenka Kasparova
MySQL Community Manager

MySQL team has recently attended several conferences and events in EMEA. At some cases we have managed only talks at some events we run a booth too, for the list of events we have been presented so far see below. For the upcoming shows we are going to be presented, please see our Wikis page.

  • NoSQL Search Roadshow in Copenhagen on Jun 13, 2013:
    • At this show the MySQL talk on "NoSQL & MySQL" given by Ted Wenmark got more than 50% of the total 80-90 attendees. Ted got good response to the presentation, several attendees wanted to get in contact with him and wanted his slides (can be downloaded from Slideshare).
      very interesting attandee was a speaker Frank Schroeder from
      Marktplaats (Ebay of Neterlands), he got very interested in MySQL
      Cluster for the system he was presenting, this is a click-tracking
      system for adds on Ebay.
  • Dutch PHP Conference, Amsterdam, Holland on June 6-8, 2013:
    • The conference ran Thu-Sat and was co-located with the Dutch Mobile
      Conference (DMC). Thursday was tutorial/workshop day, Fri+Sat regular
      conference days with 3 DPC and 3 DMC talks parallel on each slot. The
      conference was run by the Dutch company iBuildings, a Dutch PHP and
      mobile software development and consultancy company.
    • Johannes Schlueter from MySQL attended as a speaker at this conference talking on "The latest MySQL with PHP", scheduled for Friday, Jun 8 @ 10:00. The talk got about 120 attendees and as usual 45 minutes were not enough! His slides can be found here.
  • PHP Interntaional Conference, Berlin, Germany, Jun 4-5, 2013:
    • Our speakers here were:
      • Ulf Wendel, "MySQL meets NoSQL", scheduled for Jun 4, @10:00 & "An auto-sharding Database Cluster in a Nutshell" scheduled for Jun 5@12:15 - both slides can be found at Ulf's slideshare. Ulf got assigned a room with about 100 seats for the non-technical MySQL meets NoSQL talk. The room turned out to be too
        small: it did not fit all attendees!! Due to high demand the organizers
        stopped people from entering the room and the talk was repeated later
        the day. Upon repetition the room filled up again. The estimate was 200 listeners in total. The second talk "An auto-sharding Database Cluster in a Nutshell" was more technical and about 70 people attended.
      • Andrey Hristov on "Write your own SAPI", scheduled for Jun 5, 15:45. Andrey got about 20 attendees at his talk. The topic was pretty technical and going quite deep that actually the
        auditory for it is small. After all the talk went very well.
    • We had a MySQL booth in the exhibition area with Mario Beck, Werner Ressle, Juergen Giesel and Lenka Kasparova staffing that. A few people stopped at the booth talking about MySQL & Oracle. The most common interest we heard was about the plans Oracle has with MySQL, we ensured attendees that MySQL is not going to be killed and will stay open sourced!
    • Some Photos taken by organizers:
  • Linux Solutions, Paris, France, May 28-29, 2013:
    • Olivier Zemrag presented talk on "NoSQL & MySQL" with very positive feedback. We had also a booth shared with Oracle Linux and VM team. All groups reported a lot of attendees and interest in Oracle's solutions. Xavier Gerald also got a chance to talk about MySQL at Plateau TV (available at YouTube). Thanks everyone who stopped at our booth!
  • DrupalCamp Goteborg, May 25, 2013:
    • Sven
      Sandberg attended and gave a speech on "Scalability and Availabiltiy
      with MySQL Replication" at this show. Slides can be downloaded from Slideshare. There were about 100 registered participants,
      but not everyone was there all the time. There were two parallel
      sessions, Sven's one was in the bigger room with the audience of ~30-40
      people. People were very positive and
      interested and asked a lot of questions during the talk, most of them
      were on technical aspect of Sven's material.
  • NoSQL Search Roadshow in Berlin on May 16, 2013:
    • NoSQL
      Roadshows covers all databases as long as they are "NoSQL". People
      giving introductions to Riak, Neo4j, BigData, MongoDB. Overall the show
      got 90 attendees with 35 of them on our talk given by Mario Beck the
      MySQL Sales Consultant attended the NoSQL Roadshow in Berlin talking
      about "MySQL & NoSQL: Best of both worlds". Mario got very positive feedback with a lot of questions.

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