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Myriad Group Connects Mobile Users Worldwide to Online Services with MySQL Cluster

Bertrand Matthelie
Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

Although smartphone penetration and 3G/4G coverage is increasing, the cost of data access is still beyond most people’s reach in emerging markets. The GSMA Foundation estimates (i) that only one-fifth of mobile connections in Sub-Saharian Africa are based on 3G, with 4G accounting for less than 1% of the connection base. The GSMA also estimates that "despite the shift in the region towards smartphones and mobile broadband, nearly 450 million connections will still be based on feature phones by 2020".

Myriad Connect Division is working closely with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide to provide "no data access users" innovative and compelling services, creating new opportunities for operators to achieve 100% market reach worldwide and generate new revenues. The company offers MNOs & B2B integrators a best-in-class Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) platform, allowing them to easily create and deploy compelling cost-saving mobile services and boost monetization. In essence, Myriad connects users to online services without mobile internet access. It gives them for example access to the most popular social networks and connected services.

Myriad’s USSD+ platform is an enabler for a plethora of connected USSD applications in several domains, such as self-care portals and financial transactions, reaching all mobile users. Addressing for instance the challenge of low bank subscription rates in emerging markets, Myriad bridges the gap between mobile penetration and financial access, letting end-users check their bank account, make in-store transactions, bill payments and peer-to-peer money transfers, while conducting micro-credit and saving operations. Sub-Saharan Africa currently leads the world in the adoption of mobile money services, with more registered mobile money accounts than banks accounts in a number of countries.


  • Deliver 5 nines (99,999%) availability for the mission critical USSD platform, including a disaster recovery capability ensuring transparent and instantaneous business continuity to MNOs in case of a natural disaster.
  • Effectively serve tens of millions of subscribers per operator with a high performance and highly scalable database.
  • Implement a solution trusted by Mobile Networks Operators, on which they would feel highly confident relying.

  • The Myriad R&D team evaluated several options and selected Oracle’s MySQL Cluster based on its characteristics and proven reputation in the communications industry. MySQL Cluster is an open source, ACID-compliant transactional database designed to deliver real-time in-memory performance and 99.999% availability. It powers the subscriber databases of major communications service providers and mobile networks with nearly a billion subscribers.
  • Numerous operators actually recommended MySQL Cluster to Myriad. Not only did they trust the proven database but they also very much valued its open source nature, providing them with the desired flexibility and ease of integration with existing infrastructures.
  • The flexibility of MySQL Cluster would furthermore allow Myriad to offer its solutions on-premises and in the cloud, while implementing different business models with its customers such as revenue sharing or "pay as you go" models.
  • Myriad’s "all in one" premium USSD platform integrates a gateway and a portal available for both cloud-based and in-network environments:
    • Myriad CellGate is a robust USSD gateway bridging the GSM/UMTS SS7 network to the IP world.
    • The USSD portal CellCube provides mobile operators with an environment for launching successful interactive services.
    • MySQL Cluster is implemented at the heart of the CellCube portal.

  • MySQL Cluster powers Myriad’s Disaster Recovery Center Active-Active (DRC A/A): USSD platforms are implemented at physically distant sites with synchronous replication between them, providing geographic redundancy and a capability for immediate & automatic disaster recovery without human intervention.  With its active-active geographic replication, MySQL Cluster ensures that each site can actively serve read and write requests while maintaining data consistency across the clusters.
  • On average the system processes 3000 messages per second for the largest MNOs and about 1000 messages per second for the mid-size ones.

"Mobile Network Operators demand solutions exhibiting high performance & scalability as well as high availability, with geographic redundancy and transparent failover. MySQL Cluster squarely addresses those needs and enables us to offer a USSD platform featuring a world-class Disaster Recovery capability."
Jean-Christophe Malinowski, Product & Marketing Director, Myriad Group.

(i) https://gsmaintelligence.com/research/?file=721eb3d4b80a36451202d0473b3c4a63&download 

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