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Monitoring Related OpenWorld Talks

Mark Leith
Senior Software Development Manager

I gave two monitoring related talks at OpenWorld, thanks to all that came along!

Both were monitoring related, the first an introduction to MySQL Enterprise Monitor, and the second a look at some of the new instrumentation that is getting developed, primarily within the MySQL 5.6 release. 

If you'd like to get a quick overview of how MySQL Enterprise Monitor works, then take a look through the "Getting to Know MySQL Enterprise Monitor" talk. This gives you a high level view of how the different pieces fit together, and then each of the important factors within the user interface:

And if you are interested in seeing how the instrumentation and monitoring landscape will look when 5.6 hits the streets, then you can get a sneak peak at the "MySQL Monitoring Mechanisms" talk, which runs through the new instrumentation in Performance Schema, the new INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables for monitoring InnoDB, and the new ways to trace how a statement executes with the enhanced EXPLAIN plan, and the new Optimizer Trace:

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