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  • November 25, 2013

MEB integration with Workbench

Sanjay Manwani
MySQL India Director

The latest versions of MySQL Workbench starting from version
6 have the capability to integrate with MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB).

Though all the functionality of MEB is not supported, it is
still a great tool to begin your backup and get your backup setup in minutes.
Workbench also provides the additional capability to be able to schedule your

The sections below illustrate the setup and usage of the
Workbench UI to be able to setup and execute backup using MEB.

This is a quick start guide to setup, make a backup and do a
recovery using MySQL Workbench and MEB.

The installation of WB and MEB is not discussed; it should
be a simple automated install for both packages.


Workbench now comes with a new MySQL enterprise options in
its navigator menu on the left. You need to click the Online Backup option to
get to the screens for MEB.

Workbench not only allows you to create the setup, but also
verifies that the setup options that you have given are correct with a green
check mark.

All the background activity of creating a backup user etc.
is automatically done by Workbench.

  • Click “Settings”
  • Path to MEB Executable e.g. in
    linux browse to “/opt/mysql/meb-3.9/bin”
  • Create a backup directory
  • Select a password for user
    for backup

Taking backups and scheduling them is also possible with a
few simple clicks. See the steps and screens below:

Taking a full/incremental backup

  • Press “OK”/ “create backup
    profile” to go to main backup
  • Press “Execute Now”
  • Press “Execute Now
  • Go to your backup directory
    to check

Scheduling backup

  • Click “Configure Job”
  • Click on “Schedule” tab
  • Set the time of the day for
    full backup and incremental backup as desired

Creating a Compressed backup

  • Click “Options” tab
  • Click Compressed

Partial backup

  • Click “Contents” tab
  • Select the database
  • Select the tables from the


Recovery is also as simple as backup. Please do be careful
since the recovery will be done on the existing instance of the server. If you
recover from an old backup, all changes since that backup may be lost.

The simplest recovery using the latest backup is illustrated

  • Goto “Backup Recovery” on the
  • Ensure profile is correct and
    “use latest backup" is checked
  • Click “Next

You can also select the backup directory/image you would
like to use for recovery.

For more details see the workbench documentation.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Thursday, February 20, 2014

    HI ,

    When i perform the recovery ,the operations stops at shutdown Mysql Server Step.Not sure how i go about fixing this error .

    Any ideas on what might be the cause and how to fix it


  • sanjay Thursday, February 20, 2014


    In older versions of WB we would shutdown the server before starting recovery. We removed that since it's not reliable. You should shut down the server by hand before attempting the recovery.

    Please also upgrade WB.



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