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Learn to Develop Dynamic Web Applications with PHP and MySQL

Learn to create best-of-breed web applications with the MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications course

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the LAMP architecture
  • Use the basic components of PHP to build a foundation for more complex web applications
  • Understand the basic components of MySQL
  • Use SQL query commands to retrieve data from the MYSQL database
  • Change table data using the SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands
  • Retrieve data from multiple MySQL tables using Joins
  • Create web based forms that interact with the end user and the data within MySQL
  • Use session handling to authenticate and monitor user identities
  • Describe the purpose of template systems

You can take this instructor-led course as a:

  • Live Virtual Class: Take this course from your own desk. No travel required. Choose from the many events already on the schedule suiting different timezones.
  • In-Class: Travel to an education center. Below are some of the events already on the schedule.

 Location Date Delivery Language
 Rome, Italy
6 May 2013
Warsaw, Poland
 25 March 2013
 Lisbon, Portugal 15 April 2013
European Portuguese
 Porto, Portugal 15 April 2013
European Portuguese
 Barcelona, Spain 2 April 2013
 Madrid, Spain 4 March 2013
Tunis, Tunisia 18 March 2013

To register for this course, request another event or learn more about the authentic MySQL Curriculum, go to http://oracle.com/education/mysql.

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