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How Important is the Performance of Your Database

Whether you are a database administrator, database application developer, web developer, system administrator or system architect, if you are working with a database system such as the MySQL Server, you will want to ensure the best possible performance. 

To learn about the great performance you can get from a MySQL Database, visit Dimitri's blog.

If you have experience maintaining a database server, can use MySQL tools and have knowledge of general SQL statements and SQL tuning principles, consider taking the MySQL Performance Tuning course. In this 4-day instructor-led course, you will learn about:

  • What to tune and why
  • Monitoring, benchmarking and stress tools
  • Problem and pitfall identification
  • Evaluating and improving performance
  • Improving query cache results
  • InnoDB's role in MySQL performance
  • Designing for performance
  • MySQL Optimizer
  • Performance impact of choices in hardware, OS, logging and backup

You can take this course through the following three delivery methods:

  • Training-on-Demand: Train at your own pace, starting within 24 hours of registration with streaming-video of classroom delivery and full access to lab environments.
  • Live-Virtual Events: Follow a live class from your own desk, no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones.
  • In-Class Events: Travel to an education center to take this course. Below is a selection of the events already on the schedule.

LocationDateDelivery Language
 Brussels, Belgium
 10 June 2014
 London, England
 14 April 2014
 Rome, Italy
 1 April 2014
 Tokyo, Japan
 17 March 2014
 Riga Latvia
 29 September 2014
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 5 May 2014
 Utrecht, Netherlands
 10 June 2014
Warsaw, Poland
24 February 2014
 Barcelona, Spain
 3 March 2014
 Istanbul, Turkey
 3 March 2014
To learn more about this course, register for an event, request an additional event or learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to http://education.oracle.com/mysql.

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