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Full-Text Search with InnoDB

Dr. Dobb’s published yesterday an article by Jimmy Yang and
John Russel about
Full-Text Search with InnoDB:

"MySQL's latest InnoDB engine can
now do extensive, high-performance, full text search. A quick primer delivers
all the goodies.

Oracle recently provided
access to many new MySQL 5.6 features through http://labs.mysql.com
for the user community to test and comment on. One notable feature is the
InnoDB Full-Text Search (FTS) engine. It lets users build
indexes on InnoDB tables to represent text-based content and speed up searches
for words and phrases. Combining full-text search with InnoDB tables opens up
text capability to transactional applications, where the textual data is
frequently inserted, updated, and deleted. Given the importance of this feature
to the MySQL audience, this article explains the design of InnoDB FTS and
provides recipes for its use, as well as a short list of the limitations of
this release."....Continues....

Read the entire article here!

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