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Announcing the MySQL Database Service support for E3 shapes

Airton Lastori
MySQL Product Manager

The MySQL team is excited to announce that MySQL Database Service now supports the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute E3 shapes. These shapes are built on the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 7742 processor, with a base clock frequency of 2.25 GHz and max boost of up to 3.4 GHz, and have better networking and more RAM. MySQL Database Service customers can start to use them today and enjoy higher performance and flexibility for diverse MySQL workloads.

The MySQL Database Service E3 offers up to 64 OCPUs (128 virtual cores) and 1 TB of RAM. This is the highest core count and memory for a single fully managed MySQL instance on any public cloud.

The new E3 shapes for MySQL Database Service are available in eight commercial regions: Brazil East (Sao Paulo), Canada Southeast (Toronto), Germany Central (Frankfurt), India West (Mumbai), Japan East (Tokyo), UK South (London), US East (Ashburn), and US West (Phoenix). More regions are coming soon.

If you already have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account, you can easily start to use the new E3 shapes in the MySQL Database Service. Just access the web console and under the MySQL menu, select DB System and Create. You will be able to choose between the following options:

Shape name OCPUs RAM (GB)
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.1.8GB 1 8
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.1.16GB 1 16
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.2.32GB 2 32
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.4.64GB 4 64
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.8.128GB 8 128
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.16.256GB 16 256
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.24.384GB 24 384
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.32.512GB 32 512
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.48.768GB 48 768
MySQL.VM.Standard.E3.64.1024GB 64 1024

Start your 30-day free trial at oracle.com/cloud/free. Get access to a wide range of Oracle Cloud services for 30 days, including MySQL Database Service. Check the documentation for the quick steps to create your MySQL databases. Drop by and check it out!

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