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From 2009-2010, I served as Vice President of Storage and Solaris at Sun and then Oracle. I was previously Distinguished Engineer and VP for Solaris and Open Storage Systems at Sun, leader of the Sun Fishworks engineering team, and before that I worked for many years as a senior engineer in the Solaris Kernel Group at Sun. At the end of my time in this area, my combined set of responsibilities included the Fishworks advanced engineering team, and all of Sun's core Solaris and Storage engineering, and all of our hardware engineering for Disk and Flash technologies.

My research and engineering interests are focused on technology to enhance the availability of computer systems, including programming languages and debugging tools for developers, operating system technologies for handling and recovering from software and hardware faults and defects, and tools for administrators and users that improve the user experience.

At Fishworks during the development of the Sun ZFS Storage 7000 series, my technical contributions included design and implementation work on clustering, networking, peer groups, service configuration, upgrade, factory installation, out-of-the-box experience, and reliability and serviceability features.

In Solaris 10, I designed and implemented the D compiler for DTrace, a new facility for dynamic tracing of the kernel and user processes for Solaris 10 I worked on with Bryan Cantrill and Adam Leventhal, and led the integration of the first phase of Sun's Predictive Self-Healing effort along with Cindi McGuire and Stephen Hahn. If you want to learn more about Solaris or participate in development, check out the DTrace and Fault Management communities on OpenSolaris.org.

Code I've Written (Solaris)

Code I've Written (ZFS Storage)

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