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  • September 8, 2009

The Difference In Farm Conversations Between 1909 and 2009

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Over the Labor Day weekend, we took a quick trip to visit my parents who still live in Waco, TX (I now live up near Plano, Tx). During the weekly post-church (which primarily serves as social network to organize lunch and dinners during the week) lunch - my parents and parents friends (most of whom, I've known for 20 or more years) got to celebrate the primary accomplishment of Labor Day weekend.

Which is that I finally got my Mom on Facebook. That was much harder than I thought because of lack of updates on the Mac but it did allow me to watch all of the college football games I wanted :).

But what really struck me as funny was that everyone at the table was all playing Farm Town on Facebook. This is a game where you get to plant different crops, raise animals, etc and of course harvest them.

As we were breaking up to go our separate ways - it occurred to me, that the conversations were probably very similar 100 years ago (my parent's church is over 100 years old as a prairie church).

Basically the common phrase was:

"I need to go home and harvest my crops".

Except in 1909 they meant this:

And in 2009 that means this:

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