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  • September 2, 2009

Simplifying LDAP Access For .NET Developers

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I don't do much .NET development these days but I saw this posted on Planet Identity yesterday so I thought I would pass it along for anyone who reads this but maybe doesn't subscribe to the Planet Identity feed.

Zetetic - Zetetic.Ldap - Bringing LDAP + LDIF tools to .NET

It's a new general purpose LDAP API for .NET that at least at first glance feels similar to UnboundID's new LDAP API.

While it's good to see new development in this space - we are trying to move developer identity development into a simpler API via our upcoming ArisID Beans API. Hopefully I will be able to share more about this API soon but as usual - until it's released, I can't publicly talk about it.

However, I can give a slightly more concrete teaser - my goal with ArisID is to make it so that it's like Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) for Identity. Meaning - developers can focus on writing business objects and then just run an IDE extension that creates the proper meta-data (e.g. the CARML file) for it so that an IGF identity provider can provide the data to the client.

It's my belief that if a developer can write something like:

public class MyCustomer {

String customerName;

String customerAddress;

String customerIdentifier;

Boolean isGoodCustomer;


That should be basically all they need to do to really worry about when building identity data into their applications.

Until then API like Zetetic.Ldap can help reduce some of the pain at a lower level.

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