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  • February 4, 2010

My Own IPad Thoughts

Guest Author

Jackson Shaw just posted his own thoughts on the upcoming iPad.

I thought I would comment on something he wrote and then toss in my own general thoughts.

Jackson wrote "Hint, if you aren’t working on a Kindle app for the iPad you’d better be!".

To which I would point out - worse case scenario - since the iPad supports existing iPhone apps - the existing Kindle app should work. Same as B&N Nook app and Stanza.

Though maybe the better question will be  - will Amazon/B&N upgrade the app to be as slick as what the iBooks app looked like on the demo?

Personally I'm not sure if I really want that metaphor but I appreciate the marketing aspect of it.

And I'm not completely sure that iPad will kill Kindle or the Nook. After all - the iPod hasn't completely killed the MP3 or mobile phone alternatives either. In particular if a low-price (under $100) emerges because the battery life and easier on the eyes screen is good enough features to justify owning a dedicated eReader if you read lots of books. I know not many people read as voracious as I do - but there are still plenty of people who like to read.

But I am pretty sure I'll be buying my own IPad as soon as one comes out - with the goal of it at least being able to be used as my travel PC.



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