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  • April 19, 2010

My Obligatory IPad Post

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I've had my IPad for about a week now. So I thought I'd write some thoughts down based on my initial experiences.

Here are my initial take-aways:
1 - Netflix OnDemand - I'm a movie junkie. I'm now more apt to just start a movie as background sound for my workday (I telecommute - so except for the occasional bark from my dog, it's awfully quiet here if I don't have something going).

2 - The Email Client is really nice and I'm as fast or faster typing when I have the wireless keyboard engaged. Even with onscreen keyboard - I'm already close to 75% of desktop speed

3 - The battery life is incredible - I think this is the first case where a mobile device actually under-promised on battery

4 - It totally has killed the notion of using a normal PC for my wife and mother-in-law - neither of which had wanted an iPhone/iPod Touch or really any Apple device until they got to play with my iPad. The concept of - instant on, easy to hold and touch-based navigation has them hooked. Heck, it has me hooked.

My ultimate goal is to be able to have it at least replace the need to take my netbook with me on the road. I haven't had a chance to complete my testing on that front yet - between work, my wife traveling (for a change) and now my wife home sick - I haven't had time to just play with it.

But so far my only regret - that I haven't already bought two more for everyone else in my family who wants to use mine.

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