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  • April 19, 2010

Get Smarter Just By Listening

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Occasionally my friends ask me what do I listen/read to keep informed.

So I thought I would like to post an update.

First - there is an entirely new network being launched by Jason Calacanis called "ThisWeekIn". They have weekly shows on variety of topics including Startups, Android, Twitter, Cloud Computing, Venture Capital and now the iPad. If you want to keep ahead (and really get motivated) - I totally recommend listening to at least This Week in Startups. I also find Cloud Computing helpful. I also like listening to the Android show so that I can see how it's progressing. Because while I love my iPhone/iPad - it's  important to keep the competition in the game up to improve everything. I'm also not opposed to switching to Android if something becomes as nice experience - but so far - my take on Android devices are  - 10 years ago, I would have jumped all over them because of their hackability. But now, I'm in a phase, where I just want these devices to work and most of my creation is in non-programming areas - I find the i* experience better.

Second - In terms of general entertaining tech news - I'm a big fan of This Week in Tech.

Finally - For a non-geek but very informative show - The Kevin Pollack Show on ThisWeekIn network gets my highest rating. It's basically two-hours of in-depth interview with a wide variety of well-known comedian and movie stars.


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