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  • February 2, 2010

Explaining Master Data Management Integration with Oracle Virtual Directory

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I got a couple of questions recently around OVD and Master Data Management (OVD).

MDM is an industry standard data solution that provides a single source of truth for customer information. It's particularly useful for large organizations who have customer data in lots of different repositories such as telco or higher education. It's complimentary to a provisioning solution - MDM provides a clean source of truth for a provisioning system. But MDM is not optimized for activities like password management or related account activities. Within Oracle we market our MDM solutions as Oracle Customer Hub.

There are two integration points:
1 - Authentication for MDM
2 - Use MDM as an OVD Data Source

The authentication use case is pretty simple - OVD can be used as the LDAP server for the Siebel MDM application. For example if you have 2 LDAP servers containing users who need access Siebel MDM, you can use OVD.

The more interesting use case is MDM as an OVD Data Source. For example lets say you want to build a web application that provides different level of features based upon customer status (e.g. basic vs premier customer). This data is managed in MDM and OVD can use this data to create an LDAP group without needing to copy the data into another LDAP store. Thus as soon as the MDM status changes, the access control permissions are changed automatically at the same time.

We refer to this capability as Identity Publisher.

There are two papers on this subject:
Integrating Oracle Virtual Directory with Siebel and Oracle Customer Hub
Configuration Instructions for Siebel, Oracle Customer Hub and Oracle Virtual Directory

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  • reputation management Wednesday, February 3, 2010
    All these products are today inherently tied to either customer or product data. The future success of MDM—whether vendor product or independent practice—will hinge on crossing from product and customer data to data about other business entities.
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