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  • June 22, 2009

Be Better Than Blackberry (or the iPhone)

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Lovely post today on Talking Points about what to do if people are paying more attention to their Blackberry/iPhone/Pre/etc than you.

My two favorite quotes from the post:

I have a simple solution for this problem. Be better than the Blackberry.

And the most important:

The Blackberry is a technological breakthrough that allows people to do something productive during meaningless meetings.

So in other words - if people are constantly are on their smart-phones than listening to your meeting - maybe the problem isn't them but the meeting (or presentation) itself.

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  • Joey Asher Tuesday, June 23, 2009
    Thanks for the mention Mark.
    To continue, many people certainly do abuse their Blackberries and are rude to others in meetings by tapping away and not paying attention. And I know many colleagues who simply insist on starting their presentations and meetings by urging people to turn off their pagers, PDAs, and cellphones. But I think that also shows a degree of lack of confidence. If your presentation is good enough, people will ignore their pagers.
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