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  • November 17, 2009

Announcing Oracle Identity Management

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As you may have seen elsewhere Oracle released an update to the Fusion Middleware 11g bits this includes the current 11g IDM products (Oracle Virtual Directory, Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Identity Federation).

The release is named and can be downloaded here.

For OID and OIF it's basically a bugfix update for R1. For OVD besides the usual bugfixes - we also added several new features. It's why I've informally nicknamed this release OVD 11g - the Director's Cut.

Here are 3 key enhancements in this release:

1 - Ability to search both primary and secondary adapters in a split-profile (aka Join adapter). A split-profile is where attributes for a single entry are split between 2 or more sources (for example username, password in Active Directory, jobcode in HR database). Applications can now search on these entries (they have always been able to view or update) as if they were a single source without needing to copy into a single store. The ForkJoin plug-in provides this functionality.

2 - Hide entries from search results based on a filter. Sometimes customers need to hide entries from being returned from an adapter based on some criteria outside of an ACL. For example maybe the need to prevent "classified=Top Secret" or "doNotPublishInAddressBook=

true" entries from being returned. While many customers have implemented this behavior before using one of our sample plug-ins (I think it's the first sample I ever wrote) - it's now productized with the  HideByFilter plug-in.

3 - Improved Microsoft compatibility. OVD will now support binds where the DN is not a valid DN (like a username) and can add a memberOf attribute to any person entry using the UPNBind and VirtualMemberOf plug-ins.

You can read more about these plug-ins and the additional new features I didn't cover here in the "What's New" section of the documentation.

... Apologies if this ends up being a double-post - still having fun figuring out my new blogging system.

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