Thursday Oct 18, 2007

Are you ready for Medipedia?

With the news today of Google's heath care platform and Microsoft's entry into this market I am getting more and more worried that it will not be the new killer staph bacteria that will wipe us out, but it will be Medipedia

Just try going to Google today and typing in "headache and sore throat" and you get 1.7 million entries! Now how are we going to find out if it is just the common cold, or something more sinister? Surely not by combing through 1.7 million entires, otherwise we will need to add to that sore watery eyes and painful wrists.

So perhaps Medipedia will be born?

All us want-to-be doctors and internet trained surgeons can create our own entries on what the underlying cause and remedy is for any ailment. Medipedia will save tax payers millions by closing down the FDA. Who needs some bureaucracy when the whole internet world can try out our remedies and then vote on them. 5 stars -- it healed me, 4 stars -- I got better, 3 stars -- didn't really work, 2 stars -- it made me worse, 1 star -- oh dear.... While we get rid of the FDA, lets also get rid of medical board exams, I am not sure about the rest of you, but by watching ER and Grey's Anatomy, I think I can handle almost anything!

Perhaps with Medipedia and the new Google medical imaging application, I will be able to take 3D tours of the body, and not just any body, but MY body-- scarey...

Medipedia sure sounds interesting.. quick go get the URL.. OMG.. it is taken!

I for one, am not ready for Medipedia, or for Google and Microsoft to have access to my medical records.


Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Announcing: Remix Undefined Mashups Version 2.0

We are on the brink of a new age.

We're about what Web 2.0 is about. An AJAX-driven GUI, this will change everything: Folksonomy. We shall transcend borders. It's all about community. Float this. You need someone who gets it. Tag me. Social is the new push. Cry out, blogosphere!

Clustering. Splog is an aggregate noun. MSM just doesn't get it. Roll your own roll-your-own. It's all changing. Hack it. On-demand streams. The buzz is loud and clear. Single. Word. Sentences! 2.0 is the new New. Label what defies categorization. Clear that. This is newer media. "ASL" is geezer speak. Always be launching. Faster. Faster! The new is old. News clouds.  The words aren't what they were. Podcasts are it.

OK OK enough!!!  

I didn't create this stuff rather it was generated by the Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator What is really scary is that at first pass you probably thought this might be real! Well it isn't, but it does bring home the fact that there is so much hype out there and new buzzwords that you really need to do some checking before believing the next big thing is about to launch.


Tuesday Oct 16, 2007

Garbage Utility Computing?

The more I talk to the world about utility computing the more I am amazed that the average person wants one definition of "utility computing" The world really isn't that simple. Lets consider your typical utilities that you pay for in the average home -- electric and garbage. Both are undoubtedly utilities, but both have a very different payment model.

My electric utility provider only charges me for electricity I consume. This model is very consistent with the model we use at where we charge $1/CPU/hour for compute utility. Like my electric company, unless you use the utility you pay nothing. (As a side -- wouldn't it be great if could create the same set of energy consuming hogs like TVs in standby mode, cell phone chargers that aren't charging anything,etc. We could made millions off the useless use of compute, and like the electric utility charge you for this no-value. Alas just a dream, we only charge for what you actually use doing real work, maybe the electrical utilities should do the same?) 

Now some utilities like my garbage utility charge me irrespective of whether I put the garbage out or not. They actually charge me the same if I have no garbage or a can full of garbage. This too is a utility and is very similar to the electric utility, just the business model is different. Phone service is another utility where there is more of a hybrid model of pay-per-use over a certain threshold. Hosting services seem to use this utility pricing model.

So which one is the true utility -- sorry to have to shatter some ideals here.. but BOTH! Utility isn't about how you pay, nor it is rental -- I don't rent electricity, it isn't leasing -- I don't have a lease for any hydro-electrical plants! What is it? It really is about getting someone with expertise in an area to provide a service to you that is more beneficial for you to pay to have run on your behalf than run it yourself.

Grid today did a great write-up on the origin of Utility Computing and to reiterate the theme there -- I believe that we are in the early days of Utility computing, the "killer application" has not been found yet, but this will be the dominant compute model of the future. I am excited to be at the forefront of this evolutionary charge and part of the team moving forward.


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