Multitenant: Enhanced Integration with Data Guard

Certain forms of PDB creation could become a little complicated in Data Guard configurations prior to 18c. Two of the most common provisioning operations – creating a new PDB from seed and creating a local cold clone work absolutely fine with Data Guard. Let’s walk through an illustration of this to understand what’s going on, as illustrated in Figure 1. Here we see a high availability configuration with a primary CDB at the top, and a standby CDB at the bottom, with...

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A Simple Guide to Lockdown Profiles

A quick overview of Multitenant Lockdown Profiles.

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On the twelfth day of Christmas

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Stale Standalone to Superb SaaS in a Short Series

Multitenant, with Application Containers, is the ideal architecture for world-class SaaS.

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Configurable Isolation

Economies of scale through consolidation are of limited use if that consolidation comes at the expense of isolation. In 12.2 we introduce some very sophisticated capabilities in this area that can ensure great isolation between PDBs and avoid what is colloquially referred to as “the noisy neighbor problem”. Importantly, this is configurable so that the level of isolation can be tailored appropriately for the use case. In general when considering the topic of PDB isolation –...

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Isolation and Agility with Economies of Scale

It’s not just about scale. Scale on its own can be viewed as a negative. As organizations scale beyond a single office, communication gets more difficult and you need more layers of management. It’s harder to be agile – analogies with turning around an oil tanker come to mind. These problems show how cost can increase exponentially with scale. With sophisticated automation, technologies associated with first-generation clouds can improve this cost model to a nearly linear...

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Hello Again

The Oracle Content Marketing team have worked very hard to create a new, modern blogging environment, and it's the very least I can to to take advantage of it. It's been sad to see blogs.oracle.com/multitenant run fallow for so many months but that changes with this blog post. I'll keep this mea culpa short and sweet and set myself up with a resolution to follow it with some decent content worthy of the great product that Multitenant is. That's all for now, but check back...

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Enough of the Oracle Guys!

I'm really pleased with how our sessions have gone this week. Thanks for all the supportive feedback! Yesterday we handed the reigns over to four great customers in the Multitenant Customer Panel, and we proceed in a similar vein today with three more Multitenant customers. Each has a different story to tell about their use of Multitenant. Each story is good! Grab an early lunch and head over to Park Central - Franciscan I for these three sessions. Bring a pad and a pen.  Multit...

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Customer (Panel) Day

I had some great feedback from our customer panel session last year. (Many thanks once again to Alex Gorbachev of Pythian, Nataraj Hegde of Charles Schwab, Tom Bolick of Cisco, and Shravan Devulapalli of GE for making that such a success.) It's going to be hard to beat that session, but if anyone can it's this line up of speakers: Andy Colvin, Practice Director, Accenture Enkitec Group Liviu Horn, AVP Database Management, McKesson Health Solutions Mike Sorrels, SVP, Director,...

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It's all about SaaS

A classic use case for Multitenant is SaaS. It's what the product was named for, after all! We're delivering some fantastic new capabilities in 12.2 to address this architecture even better - and it's not just for ISVs! Don't miss today's session "CON6562 - Oracle Multitenant: Ideal Architecture for World-Class SaaS" - Moscone South - 301 at 4pm. Kuthbul Akthab will talk about the upgrade of Taleo Business Edition from MS SQL Server to Oracle Multitenant; I'll discuss...

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It's a hot one

Moscone looks different this year, what with all the construction going on. It was already hot when we checked out our demo booth and HoL setup. (Check. Check.) Looks like tomorrow will be hot too. Don't overdress (said the guy in the suit). I did feel a bit of a pang of nostalgia for a PDB Relocate demo in Larry's keynote, and it seemed that he did too - he mentioned it twice! Larry did announce a few big things in his keynote today, notably the immediate availability of...

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OOW Thursday - Caffeine and Adrenaline

Are your ears ringing after the Elton John show at Treasure Island? What a performance! Well, today it's back to Moscone for some database rock stars.  Demogrounds are closed now of course, and for the first year in several we don't have a Multitenant session on Thursday to close the show. I've got a packed agenda with customer meetings, but today's your last chance to catch our Hands-on Lab. It's fully booked but there's always a chance that someone doesn't show...

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Wednesday at OOW - Island Fever

If you've paced yourself properly you'll be nicely in your groove at OpenWorld by now, finally got your bearings at Moscone, moving smoothly between the sessions and the demo grounds. Today's the last day of DemoGrounds, remember. There are some great general sessions to look out for too. Here are my top recommendations for today.  At 12:15pm in Moscone South-308 (where else?) John McHugh's going to deliver his standing-room-only "CON6781: Oracle Multitenant: Best Practices"....

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Cruise-day Tuesday

We're on a roll now, but I do confess it was tough to drag myself out of bed this morning after last night's hospitality event. It's great to hang out with our customers in a relaxed atmosphere. So many customers are going out of their way to say good things about their experiences deploying Multitenant and it's nice to be able to give a small amount back, in classic Oracle style. Oracle knows how to par-tay. I'm talking about one of dozens of events last night. If I didn't...

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And we're under way!

We had to wait a few weeks more than usual but yet again the big show is on in San Francisco. Last year Larry made us wait until Tuesday's keynote to show off Multitenant, but it was worth the wait... Who can forget the demonstration of moving a PDB to the cloud at the touch of a button? Can he possibly top that? Well, maybe there are some tricks built into Oracle Database 12cRelease 2 (aka 12.2) which will allow him to do so. In yesterday's keynote he promised to demonstrate...

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IOUG 12 Months of DB12c / Arup Nanda

I recently did a joint presentation with Oracle Ace Arup Nanda as part of IOUG's "12 Months of Database 12c" series. (So we've just completed our seventh quarter since launching DB12c, but who's counting? Time flies, when you're having fun, after all!) As usual IOUG did a great job of setting this up. I like their introductory blurb, so here it is in their very words: You’ve heard about the multitenant feature of Oracle Database 12c, but why does it matter to your company?...

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Thursday and We're Still Going Strong!

A final push to the finish line! If you went to Treasure Island for the party last night I hope you had a great evening. With luck, your ears aren't ringing too badly from the music so that you'll be able to hear the presentations today. It wasn't that many years ago that Thursday at OpenWorld was a slow day with not much going on. Those days are gone.  The Great Escape (from MS SQL Server)! Tom Michelini and OB Rashid were the drivers behind this great story. If you have...

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Wednesday is Customer Appreciation Day

Wednesday at OpenWorld tends to be the hardest one for me. There's been so much excitement already that it feels like the show's already run for a week, but we're barely half way through it. Today we've got a ton of great content during the day and they there's Aerosmith tonight on Treasure Island! (I'm going to catch up on sleep next week!) Before the party there are some great Multitenant sessions to focus on. I'm doing my "Multitenant: Seven Sources of Savings" talk at...

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Tuesday at OpenWorld... Pace Yourself!

Yesterday was a blur of activity - one of those days that went by in a flash but what happened in the morning feels like last week! Odd how that happens (or is it just me?) I'm feeling well and truly in the groove today, which is just as well because it's going to be another busy one. It's an early start to catch Thomas Kurian's keynote at 8am. Tough time of day but don't miss it. There's been a lot of buzz around HQ in the last few weeks about all the demos Thomas is going to...

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OOW14 In Full Swing

Need to make sure I get to Caltrain in plenty of time because we're getting a very fast start to OpenWorld today!  We got our Demo Booth all set up yesterday and it looks great. I thought we did a decent job last year but this year it's even better. There are lots of great sessions today and an excellent place to start as always will be Andy Mendelsohn's keynote. Of course he's got lots of good stuff to share about Multitenant, Database In-Memory and the rest of Database 12c.  T...

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OOW14 - It's on!

We've got so much Multitenant new to share and have been hard at work for weeks getting ready for our big show. The big event is finally upon us and as usual Larry Ellison will open the show with his keynote this evening. There are going to be lots of exciting announcements and I'm not supposed to spoil the surprise, but I can tell you that my favorite feature is going to play a central role. Larry's sessions are usually standing room only so get there early! Full details of...

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Multitenant Sessions by Oracle at OOW14

In yesterday's post I mentioned some of our customers' sessions at OpenWorld. They're going to be very interesting - if you have a chance, please try to catch some of them. Today, however, I want to focus on Multitenant sessions by Oracle speakers.  CON7674 Maximum Availability with Oracle Multitenant: Seeing is Believing Mon 11:45 Moscone South - 104 Frank Kobylanski and Joe Meeks are two of our top experts on MAA  CON7302 Oracle Multitenant: What's New in Oracle Database...

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Multitenant Customer Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld is nearly upon us and the agenda is packed with interesting sessions. Prominent among these are several sessions by customers who are able to share their stories of success with Oracle Multitenant. Please try to attend these sessions and hear how they have been able to benefit from Multitenant in their organizations: SAS Institute CON6328 SAS Solutions OnDemand: A Multitenant Cloud Offering  Mon 2:45pm Moscone North 130 Major International Health Insurer CON6379...

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TomAsks - About Multitenant

Tom Kyte and I recently got together to discuss Oracle Multitenant. Our conversation has just been published in Oracle Magazine in the AskTom column. Not many people can claim to have turned the tables on Tom, but this was more of a "TomAsks" than the other way around. That's my claim to glory, and I'm sticking to it! Follow me  I tweet @OraclePDB #OracleMultitenant +Patrick Wheeler

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Multitenant Buzz @RMOUG

There's a lot of buzz about Multitenant at RMOUG. Thank goodness! It's so darned cold in Denver we needed something to thaw us all out. Just got back to my hotel room from a very good dinner with the ACE Directors. Tom Kyte promised me that despite talking about Multitenant in his keynote and deep-dive sessions he's left me a little thunder for my session tomorrow at 11:15. I'd hoped to catch Leighton Nelson's talk on DBaaS but unfortunately we are on at the same time. I'm...

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MicroStrategy Supports Multitenant

I've been away from the blogging game for too long and looking for a way back in. Today's announcement that MicroStrategy has certified its analytics platform for Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant is too good an opportunity to miss. This is a great example of the huge momentum towards Oracle Multitenant. MicroStrategy's announcement explains that their motivations included: Increased scalability and server utilization Management of multiple databases as one Isolation...

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OOW13 Going out with a Bang!

It's the final day of Open World 2013 today but we Multitenant types are going out with a bang, not a whimper! See our Focus on Multitenant page for today's events.  DemoGrounds are all closed up now but we have a double header of presentations: 1st up CON8726 Instantaneous Database Clones w/ #OracleMultitenant Option. Moscone South 200 12:30pm. I'll be joined by CMTS Margaret Susairaj. My final presentation of #OOW13. Duet with Mr RAC, aka Markus Michalewicz. CON8706...

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Wednesday is Appreciation Day!

Focus on Multitenant shows that we have no presentations today. However, this is the last day of our DemoPod #SL023. If you haven't picked up your Oracle PDB USB stick, this may be your last chance. We've been giving out copies of Oracle Multitenant for Dummies in our Hands on Labs. In case you haven't had a chance to participate in a lab, you can download a PDF version of this from here.   Follow me  I tweet @OraclePDB #OracleMultitenant +Patrick Wheeler

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Tuesday in San Francisco

See our Focus on Multitenant page for today's events.  I'm really looking forward to a deep-dive session with Architect Kumar Rajamani and Consulting Member of Technical Staff Jaebock Lee. Session CON8725 Behind the scenes of Oracle Multitenant. Noon today in Moscone South 252. There's a lot to cover in an hour but we plan to get in to several topics in depth.  If you are lucky enough to see Andy Mendelsohn's keynote yesterday you were probably wowed by that Multitenant Self-Ser...

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First Full Day of Open World 2013

Several sessions of interest to Multitenant enthusiasts today. Details are in our Focus on Multitenant page but here are some highlights: Catch my presentation CON8707 Consolidating Databases with Oracle Database 12c. 12:15pm today in Moscone South 102. Of course, don't miss Andy Mendelsohn's keynote presentation this morning.  Have you got your own Oracle PDB USB stick yet? If not, come on over to our DemoPod, #SL023, to talk to our engineers and pick one up. You've seen them...

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The build-up is finally over! Oracle Open World San Francisco kicks off today with Larry Ellison's keynote address at 6pm. Some fabulous announcements in store... Just in case you miss it here are some about Oracle Multitenant. We've got an Oracle PDB USB stick waiting for you at Demo Pod SL023. You can also go to the OTN Lounge Sunday afternoon or else Monday & Tuesday at 10am for guidance on how to set it up. It looks great but the beauty is more than skin deep.  You can...

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Single Tenant Configuration

In Oracle Database 12c, Multitenant is a pure deployment choice. It is possible to upgrade from, say, Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 12c, non-CDB and stop there. Of course I wouldn't recommend it! I would encourage every customer to take the next step and adopt that database as a PDB by plugging it into a CDB. Note that if that is the only PDB plugged into the CDB this is what we call the single tenant configuration (using the multitenant architecture). The...

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How Many CDBs?

Fact: A CDB can contain up to 252 PDBs.  Trick question: If I have 200 PDBs, how many CDBs do I need? Easy, right? One CDB!  Wrong! (At least, probably!)  With Multitenant, we can plug many PDBs into a single CDB, sharing overheads of background processes and SGA. This can increase hardware utilization - dramatically in some cases - and so reduce capital expenses by supporting more applications per server. Great! But wait, there's more! We also reduce operating expenses...

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Introducing Oracle Multitenant

The First Database Designed for the Cloud Today Oracle announced the general availability (GA) of Oracle Database 12c, the first database designed for the Cloud. Oracle Multitenant, new with Oracle Database 12c, is a key component of this – a new architecture for consolidating databases and simplifying operations in the Cloud. With this, the inaugural post in the Multitenant blog, my goal is to start the conversation about Oracle Multitenant. We are very proud of this newarchit...

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